New 100%-Recycled Paperboard Logo Cuts "Chasing Arrows" Confusion

NEW YORK - The confusion stemming from the 100%-Recycled Paperboard Alliance's (RPA-100%) "chasing arrows" may finally be remedied. The New York-based group has unveiled a new trademark to identify consumer and industrial products packaged in 100-percent recycled paperboard.

The brand, which features a semi-circle of counter-clockwise arrows fronting the words "100% Recycled Paperboard" will be used in place of, or in conjunction with, the more enigmatic chasing arrows symbol. More than 700 branded and private label products will feature the new symbol, the group reported.

"Consumers want to know that their recycling efforts are paying off," said Fred von Zuben, president of The Newark Group, Trenton, N.J., and chairman of RPA-100%. "As the largest end-use of recovered paper products like old corrugated containers, old newspapers and mixed office and residential papers, 100-percent recycled paperboard maximizes the recycling efforts of millions of Ameri-can consumers."

Companies adopting the new trademark will benefit from the initiative, which combines consumer education with integrated marketing and promotional programs, supported by an ongoing publicity campaign, which will encourage consumers to look for and to buy products packaged in 100-percent recycled paperboard.

RPA-100% licenses the symbol through customer agreements to its s.