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Lawsuit Seeks to Temporarily Halt iPhone Battery Recycling Program

Attorneys claim the program could potentially destroy critical evidence.

Attorneys representing New York resident Keaton Harvey in a lawsuit against Apple Inc. have filed a motion to temporarily halt Apple’s iPhone battery recycling program, arguing the company could be destroying critical evidence.

The motion is being filed as a part of Harvey v. Apple Inc., a lawsuit stemming from the recent controversy regarding Apple’s intentional slowing down of iPhone’s with old batteries.

E-Scrap News has more information:

In its statement, Apple said it would offer discounted iPhone batteries in response to concerns. Its battery program allows customers to either have their batteries replaced in store or mail them in for a replacement.

Attorneys representing New York resident Keaton Harvey on Jan. 15 filed a motion asking the judge to issue a temporary injunction blocking Apple from recycling batteries collected as part of the program. The case, which seeks class-action status, is in U.S. District Court, Northern District of California. The request was first covered by

When affected phones are returned to Apple, company personnel run diagnostic tests and gather information from the devices, according to the motion.

Read the full story here.

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