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Alternative Daily CoversAlternative Daily Covers

October 1, 2007

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Alternative Daily Covers

Central Fiber Corp.

Topcoat from Central Fiber Corp., Wellsville, Kan., is an alternative daily cover material made from non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients. Mixed in standard hydroseeding equipment, the material is applied as a slurry, forming a blanket for controlling disease vectors, fires, odors, blowing litter, scavenging and erosion, the company says. The product comes in 50-pound (lb.) bags.


EPI Environmental Products

EPI Environmental Products, Conroe, Texas, offers Enviro Cover, a degradable polyethylene film that can be applied to landfills for use as an alternative daily cover. The cover can last for days or weeks and is manufactured to degrade within waste when buried and does not have to be removed before the next layer of waste is deposited, the company says. It also allows gas and leachate to pass through for collection and treatment. The cover is available in a variety of specifications and thicknesses to accommodate the needs of different landfills. The equipment to deploy the cover also is available.


Finn Corp.

The Finn Waste Cover from Finn Corp., Fairfield, Ohio, is manufactured using recycled paper and wood, and is designed to reduce odors and break down garbage quickly. After mixing the material with water, a black spray-on slurry can be applied to the surface and later forms a cement-like crust, the company says. The unit also contains polymers, an enzyme complex and other proprietary ingredients, the company says.


Landfill Service Corp.

Landfill Service Corp., Apalachin, N.Y., offers the Posi-Shell for daily cover, intermediate cover and erosion control applications. The product is a cement mortar that is applied using a spray. Available in a variety of colors, the cover features a non-flammable coating that also is durable in all weather conditions. According to the company, specially coated polyester fibers are intended for strength and to resist cracking. Cement content can be adjusted for overnight covers and high-strength, long-term erosion control coating.


Mercer Motor Works

Mercer Motor Works, Mercer, Maine, manufactures the TDS-30 multiple tarping system for alternative daily landfill covers. The cover can quickly deploy and retrieve up to 9,000 sq. ft of ballasted or unballasted tarps, the company says. The unit can be moved and operated using D4 to D8 class bulldozers or CAT 816 to CAT 826 class compactors. It is self-powered and does not require an additional power source for operation. Fixtures and brackets also are not needed. The unit is available with a heavy-duty remote control for operation inside the cab. According to the company, the unit can be reloaded with additional tarps and deployed if covering a larger area.


Reef Industries

Reef Industries, Houston, offers the Griffolyn landfill cover designed to reduce infiltration into capped landfills. The cover is manufactured with a three-ply laminate that is constructed with two layers of ultraviolet stabilized co-extruded polyethylene and a high-strength cord grid. The material is lightweight and offers protection against extended sun light exposure, the company says. Larger panels are available in one acre, and more sizes can be customized to fit individual landfills, According to the company, covers last 24 to 48 months and offer erosion control and slope stability.



Rusmar, West Chester, Pa., offers the AC667SE landfill alternate daily cover for controlling odor, scavengers, dust, litter and vectors for up to 72 hours. Shipped as a liquid concentrate, the product can be stored on site in a freeze-protected, computer-controlled bulk storage system. When in concentrate form, the system dilutes the product automatically into a single-operator pneumatic foam for specific durations of coverage, the company says. The system can hold 2,500 gal. of material for covering 27,000 sq. ft. The landfill cover is manufactured to withstand wind, moderate rain, heat and freezing temperatures, and does not consume airspace, the company says.


Southwestern Sales Co.

Southwestern Sales Co., Rogers, Ark., manufactures the Enstar line of alternative daily covers. Constructed of polypropylene material, the covers features a heavy-duty webbing design at the seams and around the perimeter. According to the company, heavy-duty straps and D-rings located on all four sides are designed to simplify usage. Manufactured for long-term coverage and for saving air space, the covers are available in 50 ft. by 50 ft. measurements. Replacement tarps for automatic tarping systems and custom sizes also are available.


Thor Division, Odin International

Thor Division, Odin International, Austin, Texas, manufactures an alternative daily cover system that can be constructed from a variety of regular and fire-retardant materials. The covers also can be manufactured in permeable and impermeable configurations. The covers can extend landfill life up to 25 percent, the company says.


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