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Puerto Rico's Landfills are not Always Inspected

According to Weldin Ortiz Franco, president of the Environmental Quality Board, landfills aren't always inspected due to lack of landfill-dedicated inspectors.

Weldin Ortiz Franco, president of the Environmental Quality Board (EQB), revealed that even though the EQB has eight to 10 inspectors, sometimes all 27 of the active landfills on the island aren’t inspected. And according to the citizen’s action group Puerto Rico Limpio, the EQB has illegally changed some of the original rules for the landfills without the Environmental Protection Agency’s permission.

InsideSources has more details:

In an interview with a local Puerto Rican media outlet, the president of the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) made a shocking admission about the landfill crisis in the U.S. territory.

Weldin Ortiz Franco acknowledged that they have eight to 10 inspectors, who are not exclusively dedicated to landfill inspections and sometimes fail to inspect all the landfills on the island.

“We try to see them [in] quarterly fiscal years but there are many that we cannot do it,” he told The Spokesman in Spanish. To have more employees, he said, “we could have more comprehensive work plans and a system of more frequent inspections.”

Read the full story here.

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