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Landfill in Schuylkill County, Pa., Begins Expansion

This is the first cell of an expansion that was approved 10 years ago.

The Commonwealth Environmental Systems Keystone Landfill in Foster, Reilly and Frailey townships in Pennsylvania has begun an expansion of 27 acres.

The state Department of Environmental Protection approved the expansion about 10 years ago to eventually encompass 79.3 acres. This is the first cell of that expansion process.

Landfill operators gave a tour of the project to the The Republican-Herald.

The newest expansion to the south is expected to actively accept trash for at least another 20 years, according to Leung. CES accepts municipal solid waste and occasionally demolition waste, but does not accept any hazardous or chemical wastes, Leung said. On average, 2,500 to 2,600 tons of trash are handled daily and the landfill employs 40 to 50 full-time employees. CES is permitted to handle up to 5,000 tons daily and accepts trash from Schuylkill and other counties.

Once arriving at the landfill, garbage haulers place their trucks on a weight scale, and are weighed upon entering and exiting; they’re charged by the weight of trash they deposit. There’s also a radiation detection system to ensure no trucks are bringing hazardous materials there, according to Dexter.

CES does a lot of on-site recycling. For instance, the landfill has its own rock crusher, which supplies rocks that are used on roads and around piping. It also has its own reverse-osmosis leachate water treatment plant. Leachate is liquid that drains from a landfill. Reverse osmosis uses water purification technology to remove ions, molecules and larger particles from the water. CES uses the majority of its clean water it processes for dust control at the landfill. Water trucks disperse the clean water on site. Very little of the treated water remains. If there is an excess of treated water, it is permitted through DEP to be discharged into Little Creek, Dexter said.

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