Will Carroll has been interested in the waste industry from a young age, and now, he owns his own trash collection business at 18 and is our youngest 40 Under 40 award winner this year.

Gage Edwards, Content Producer

March 16, 2023

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As a young teenager, Will Carroll was always interested in utility trucks and specifically the ones that collect waste from our homes. As he grew older, that interest and desire to work with those vehicles never faltered, and now, he owns his own trash collection business serving his community.

As his website states, Carroll has a “Passion for Trashin’,” and that passion is undeniable. Carroll is a student of the trash collection game and eager to get on the streets and work with the trucks that make it all happen. His business, Will’s Waste, offers several services that help his local area with its trash collection for a fair price, but for Carroll, it’s all about helping the neighborhood.

“I feel very proud of myself and also proud of my community,” Will said when asked about how he felt to be a 6th generation native to his area, “it’s nice to be known, I’m not just some random guy who started a trash company … I’m Will Carroll, son of my parents, grandparents, [their] grandparents.”

Carroll is still very much early on in his career but he’s already accomplished so much, and he’s attempting to capitalize on his success. He’s currently attending college for business and building up his customer base. Will has said his real-life business experience is paying off in the classroom, being able to lead discussions amongst his peers.

Although Carroll does feel how backwards it sounds to get his business degree, after he’s started a business.

Going a step further, Carroll has been able to turn his hobbies for the industry and his passion into another venture, Content Creator. Currently, Carroll posts videos on YouTube from his trash runs and truck details and his most popular video has more than 1.8 million views.


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