This Week in Waste: Top Stories November 7 - 11

Entering the final stretch of the year, many people are beginning to reflect and predict what's to come. In the waste industry, this takes many forms; some of which are represented in this week's popular content recap. Continue reading to see what has garnered our reader's attention this week.

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November 11, 2022

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1. Episode 172: Let's Talk Composting & Compostable Packaging

Liz Bothwell

Compostable packaging is growing in popularity at an extreme pace in recent years. Working on the back end of designing these products and Waste360's own, Charlotte has a lot of experience in the field. In this week's episode of the NothingWasted! podcast she goes into detail about compostable packaging.

Listen here.

2. Not A Shocktober; Another Record Month for Reported Fire Incidents

Ryan Fogelman

Typically, the number of fire incidents at recycling facilities and landfills dramatically decreases as we enter the cooler months of the year in fall and winter. This year, however, October saw a record high of fires since 2016 when Rya Fogelman began reporting the incidents. In this story, Fogelman takes a deeper look at the numbers, why it might be so high, and what we can do about this growing issue.

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3. Finding the Right Partners Is Key to Protecting Our Oceans and Curbing Climate Change

Jen Ronk

Growing up near the great lakes Jen Ronk always had an appreciation for the water. Now working as a senior sustainability manager at Dow, she has been able to put this passion alongside a passion of hers to care for the environment. Together, these two passions drive Ronk in her work creating partnerships and investments in communities to help protect natural resources through low-carbon, circular solutions.

Read the full story here.

4. November 2022 Business Report—Third Quarter Themes and Highlights

Leone Young

As the third quarter of the fiscal year came to a close in September, publicly-traded solid waste management companies have reported their earnings reports. In this story, we compare the results of several companies to extract any noticeable trends across the industry. Overall many trends within the industry appear to be positive.

Read more here.

5. What Does the Future of Wood Recycling Look Like?

Liz Bothwell

TOMRA recently held a webinar in which they posed the following question: "what is the future of wood recycling?" With many speakers from within the industry, the podcast displays perspectives from all areas of the wood lifecycle. With the price of waste wood up significantly this year, there will continue to be a lot of conversation on the end of life of wood products.

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