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March 1, 2004

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Name That Stink

Erin Spinka

When there's lots of trash, and it doesn't smell good, who you gonna call … Nasal Ranger!

In King George County, Va., residents are relying on the olfactory sensitivity of new Nasal Ranger equipment to battle fumes from the nearby King George County Landfill. The equipment, also known as an odor scope, resembles a hair dryer. But when held up to the nose, the “scentometer” works like a radar gun to pinpoint offensive smells coming from the landfill.

To learn how their noses work and how to use the equipment, King George County landfill employees enrolled in one day of “odor school.” Six graduates have been authorized to use the Nasal Rangers at 19 locations around the landfill to combat stenches. Regrettably, a seventh employee was notified that he was “olfactory challenged,” and therefore not an eligible member of the odor patrol.
Source: The Freelance Star

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