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Get a Sneak Peek at WasteExpo’s Investor Summit

April 2, 2014

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Get a Sneak Peek at WasteExpo’s Investor Summit

I recently sat down with Wunderlich’s Michael E. Hoffman, 27-year industry veteran, and moderator at the upcoming WasteExpo Investor Summit.  He gave us an inside look at the topics and key takeaways delegates will see in Atlanta. From automation productivity and private equity, to the state of energy waste and strategic visions from top executives, this all-day event is not to be missed.

 Q:  Last year's inaugural Investor Summit was a standing room only success.  Can you give us a preview of this year's event?

 The format that we’ve chosen for the Investor Summit is very specific and purposeful.  Our interview method helps to draw out some of the key issues facing those leading companies.  It allows the leaders to think about strategy and vision and where the management team is trying to take the company.  This gives delegates an inside look at both the immediate and long view.

A big difference this year is that in 2013, the industry wasn’t confident.  People wondered if the volume was coming back and when?  Data was not conclusive, and other challenges eroded the industry’s outlook, but this year, the industry as a whole is more optimistic. 

Q:  What will delegates take away from the panels focusing on Automation and Productivity, Private Equity Investing in Waste Companies, and The State of the Energy Waste Industry?

The Automation Productivity Panel is robust and there are many lessons to be learned.  Delegates will learn about how to:

  • Increase productivity

  • Manage labor more efficiently

  • See what the big players are doing

  • Be more innovative

  • Discover what the equipment side of the business is doing to address these issues 

The private equity world fell in love with the waste industry 20 years ago. It has been

a fruitful relationship and, this year’s panel is centered on how private equity is focusing on the small to mid-sized players and what’s happening there.  For example, what sources of outside capital exist and what are some success stories?

We will be revisiting the critical energy waste subject in the State of the Energy Waste Industry Panel.  Here are key takeaways for delegates:

  1. Learn why more solid waste companies need to pay attention to this

  2. See what’s the state of play in the energy waste market?

  3. Do you still believe that energy waste looks like the opportunity that faced the solid and industrial markets 20 years ago?  And, why?

Who's going to get these expert insights (and more!) in person at WasteExpo’s Investor Summit?   Hope to see you in Atlanta.

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