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Carting it Off

May 1, 1999

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Carting it Off

Melanie A. Lasoff

Although carts for automated and semi-automated solid waste collection have been used for more than a quarter of a century, only in the past few years has their appeal broadened to include recyclables and greenwaste. Today's municipalities and haulers are looking for solid, durable, high-quality carts that require little or no maintenance, and feature an extended warranty, according to many residential container manufacturers. And, increasing numbers of customers are considering carts with multiple uses and/or compartments. Here's a sampling of the most recent cart products on the market.

Ameri-Kart Corp., Goddard, Kan., offers a full line of 35, 60 and 90-gallon, rotationally molded Versa-Karts. The Universal Versa-Kart is molded of UV-stabilized, linear medium-density polyethylene. Also available in industrial models, Versa-Karts are compatible with all waste collection methods, including fully automated systems.

Bonar Plastics, Tualatin, Ore., has a two-can automated recycling and collection system. In Bonar's patented, dual compartmentalized container, two commodities can be picked up by one operator.

Cascade Engineering Inc., Grand Rapids, Mich., manufactures the Cascade Cart, an injection-molded cart made from 100 percent recyclable high-density polyethylene available in 20, 35, 64 and 96-gallon sizes. Carts have snapon wheels and a permanently attached hinged lid. A divided cart is available in 64 and 96 gallon sizes for co-collection programs. All carts are compatible with semi and fully automated collection systems.

El Monte Plastics, Tustin, Calif., specializes in cross-linked and linear, automated and semi-automated refuse, recycling and yard waste containers. Sizes include 35, 64, 100, 220, 300 and 450-gallon containers. El Monte also uses a bar code system, in which each cart has a code underneath its label that is scanned as the waste is dumped.

IPL, Quebec, Canada, manufactures a full line of wheeled carts for semi and fully automated collection.

Mega Special Products, Wichita, Kan., manufactures the Boss Dumper, which features a cushion cylinder and the Pivolatch, which prevents the cart from disengaging while dumping.

Otto Industries, Charlotte, N.C., offers Multi-System Design (MSD) carts made from injection molded plastic for semi-automated, fully automated and split cart collection.

Perkins Manufacturing Co., Chicago, offers the Tuck-Away Lifter for plastic residential refuse carts. It comes with a two-year warranty and three lube points.

Plastic Omnium Zarn, Reidsville, N.C., features the 65-gallon City Cart, designed with a blow-molded body and an injection-molded lid.

Qwik-Tip Inc., Elk Grove, Ill., manufactures a cart and 1 to 10-yard containers that lift and dump without cables, chains or the driver's intervention. Qwik-Tip can be installed on rear-loading packers. The Qwik-Tip Cart Tipper Accessory converts the units from commercial container collection to residential cart pick up.

Rehrig Pacific Co., Los Angeles, offers injection-molded plastic recycle bins and roll-out carts for curbside collection. Roll-out carts can be used for garbage, yard waste and recycling collection in fully and semi-automated systems.

Roto Industries, Anaheim, Calif., cart series ranges in size from 35 to 300 gallons for semi and fully automated collection systems.

Schaefer Systems International Inc., Charlotte, N.C., offers the Universal System Design carts in 35, 65 and 95-gallon capacities. The carts work with standard barlock lifters, comb lifters and automated grabbers.

The Fiberex Group, Chesapeake, Va., produces the Profile Recycling Containers designed for multi-family recycling, which hold three 95 gallon wheeled carts. The container can be set up to collect three different recyclables separated inside one container.

Toter Inc., Statesville, N.C., has developed a litter container for automated collection. This 60 gallon container is designed for durability and litter collection in public areas such as downtown streets, parks and bus stops. Available in three granite finishes, the carts are compatible with all U.S. fully automated collection vehicles.

Ultra Cart Inc., Harborcreek, Pa., manufactures residential containers with modular construction. The carts feature a double wall lid with latch, 31/44-foot front wear area, a 6-foot by 14-foot hot stamp area and 16-gauge zinc coated steel pick-up bars.

WasteWorks International, Brea, Calif., makes FlexArm, a robotic side loader arm that can be retrofitted to a refuse truck for full automation. WA

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