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October 1, 2006

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Busting Out


Clement Industries

Clement Industries, Minden, La., manufactures the MonStar end-dump trailer, which features a ¼-inch (in.) AR 450 steel body and tailgate. The 40-foot (ft.) trailer is available with an 89-cubic yard (cu.yd.) capacity and 102-in.-wide track axles. The trailer's longitudinal-free design has reduced its weight, the company says. Other features include a barn door tailgate with attached mudflaps, a 50,000-pound (lb.) center-point suspension, hub-piloted wheels and an inverted cylinder with rubber bumper stabilizer.

East Manufacturing

East Manufacturing, Randolph, Ohio, manufactures the East Genesis Tipping Platform transfer trailer with a sidewall design that eliminates the center bar or pipe for efficient top loading, the company says. Transfer trailer models are available in 100 cu.yd. to 145 cu. yds., with the 120-cu. yd. model weighing nearly 13,000 pounds. The aluminum trailers also feature V-shaped cross members for aerodynamics and strength, the company says.

J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers

J&J, Somerset, Pa., manufactures the ClassicLite tipper trailer constructed with high-strength alloy materials, the company says. Weighing 12,000 lbs., the trailer is 48 ft. in length and features a 115-cu. yd. capacity. Additional features include lightweight aluminum landing gear, aluminum subframe suspension, heavy-duty lightweight fifth wheel assembly and mechanical-stretched aluminum sidewalls, the company says.

MAC Trailer

MAC Trailer, Alliance, Ohio, offers a line of transfer trailers manufactured with a steel V-Floor design for harsh loading and unloading applications. According to the company, the trailers are equipped to withstand conditions such as construction and demolition debris transfers, scrap metals, sand and other abrasive materials.

Titan Trailers

Titan Trailers, Ontario, Canada, manufactures the Tandem Thinwall tipper trailer. Weighing 12,920 lbs., the trailer features original Thinwall, 1 Ω-in. extruded aluminum sidewall panels designed to reduce impacts and punctures, the company says. The top rail is tapered for self-cleaning. Crossmembers that are welded into the sidewall panels are designed for integrated box construction. The trailer also has an integrated undercarriage, stainless steel wear plate and is corrosion-resistant, the company says.

Western Trailers

Western Trailers, Boise, Idaho, manufactures a line of drop center tipper trailers that are available in tandem and multi-axle configurations. The trailers feature a lightweight design in lengths ranging from 45 ft. to 53 ft. The trailers also are available in aluminum sheet and post construction.

Wilkens Industries

Wilkens Industries, Morris, Minn., manufactures the X-Series Model transfer trailer for residential and commercial waste transported from collection trucks. The trailer's sidewall design can expand out 10 in. on each side, enabling trucks to dump waste into the body of the trailer.


Continental Tire

Continental Tire, Charlotte, N.C., offers the HSU urban steer tire with a 10,000-lb. capacity for high-load applications. The tire's tread is resistant to cuts and tears while the sidewall curb rib reduces curbing, cut and abrasion damage, according to the company. The tire's 24/32-in. rib design, extra wide tread and optimized footprint are designed for traction and long tread life, the company says. Operators are notified of tracking problems with visual alignment indicators. A stone ejection system reduces stone retention and casing penetrations, the company says.


Goodyear, Akron, Ohio, manufactures the Unisteel G177 mixed service tire designed for severe-service applications where off-road traction is needed. The tire's high-tear strength tread compound prevents rubber chipping and chunking while its enhanced casing design resists punctures and improves retreadability, the company says. The tires also feature built-in DuraSeal technology, a gel-like, solvent-free compound that is built into the tire's inner liner, which seals punctures up to ¼ in. in diameter. The tire is available in sizes 11R22.5 H, 11R24.5 H and 12R22.5 H.


Michelin, Greenville, S.C., offers the XZU S and X One XZU S for use on waste industry vehicles. The XZU S is available in 315/80R22.5 load range L size. A maximum speed capability of 65 miles per hour (mph) is made possible by co-extruded tread compounds, the company says. The X One, size 455/55R22.5 load range M, is a wide single tire with Infinicoil technology and a load capability of 11,700 lbs.

Refuse Truck Bodies

American LaFrance

The Condor from American LaFrance, Ladson, S.C., features an aluminum cab, which offers protection against rust and corrosion, the company says. The operator has 273 degrees of visibility with a wrap-around windshield. The Condor is also available with an adjustable steering column and seating. Optional features include side and rear windows, and third-man seating.

Haul-All Equipment Systems

Haul-All Equipment Systems, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, manufactures the M-Class, a multi-purpose side loader that can be used in waste collection applications. The unit features a 34 in. loading height and comes with a left- or right-loading bucket. A single user can operate the loader. Additional features include a utility cabinet for tool storage, pressure washer, a rear door for chipped brush, a snowplow, dual-driver controls and cart/barrel dumpers.

Heil Environmental

Heil Environmental, Chattanooga, Tenn., manufactures the Half/Pack Sierra Western U.S. front loader for commercial and residential collection. With a weight of 16,700 lbs., the 28-cu.yd. unit has a 10-ton payload capacity. It also has a 22- to 26-second packer cycle and an arm cycle time of 18 to 20 seconds. Operators can control the tailgate and load discharge without leaving the cab using the Shur-Lock hydraulic tailgate lock system, the company says. The loader features an interlaced subframe, clamp-on arms and a double-wall hopper to prevent punctures and protrusions.


Labrie, St. Nicolas, Quebec, Canada, offers the Automizer refuse and recycling collection unit with the Right-Hand lifting arm. The arm is designed to operate on narrow streets and in constricted areas, in addition to standard cart collection routes. The Right-Hand features close-grab capability that can extend telescopically up to 108 in., the company says. Cushioning at the end of the dump cycle is intended to decrease the rocking action sometimes experienced at the end of a circuit, the company adds.


Pak-Mor, Seguin, Texas, offers a line of rear, side and front loaders manufactured to provide 100 percent compaction force for maximum payloads, the company says. The loaders' low operating pressures are intended to help prevent wear.

Petersen Industries

Petersen Industries, Lake Wales, Fla., offers a line of Lightning Loader grapple trucks for a variety of uses including handling brush, logs and illegal dumping. The trucks are available in nine configurations. The pictured model features a 20-ft. knuckleboom, 4-ft. telescopic tip and clamshell bucket.

Additional features include a walk-through control platform and a 24-cu. yd. dump body. The truck bodies are available in up to 45-cu. yd. capacities.

Wayne Engineering

The Curbtender from Wayne Engineering, Cedar Falls, Iowa, is an automated side loader with a power arm that can hold 2,000 lbs. at full extension. The unit features waterproof wiring and IP 67 Deutsch connectors. Users control arm functions with a standard electric joystick and arm rest. Additional features include programmable software controls for customer preference customization and future upgrades, and a management shut down system for hydraulic system monitoring.

Class 8 Trucks


Hagerstown, Ind.-based Autocar LLC's newest model is the E3 hybrid low-cab-forward refuse truck, which uses a RunWise hybrid drive developed by Parker Hannifin to reduce fuel consumption in frequent start-and-stop applications. The first E3 trucks will be offered in the fall of 2007.

According to the company, the E3's RunWise drive system recovers brake energy and stores it for later use. Energy is recovered when the unit is in hydrostatic mode and the brakes are applied. Upon braking, the RunWise controller commands the hydrostatic motors to become pumps and brakes the vehicle by converting vehicle inertia into stored, high-pressure energy in the accumulators. Accumulated energy is stored until the next time the vehicle launches, when it is discharged to accelerate the vehicle instead of using power from the diesel engine.

Crane Carrier Corp.

Crane Carrier Corp. is offering a new crew cab variation of its LET2 low entry tilt cab that was introduced last year. The LET2 crew cab model features a 5.5-inch (in.) increase in cab depth. The model contains an ergonomically designed dashboard, simplified “multi-plex” instrumentation wiring, improved HVAC system and controls, sealed integrated switches, 11-in. formed “C ” channel frame rails and tapered front leaf springs, the company says.


Freightliner Trucks, Portland, Ore., is making new components available on its Class 8 trucks for 2007. The new components include a rack and pinion steering option offered on the Century Class S/T, Coronado, Columbia, Classic and Classic XL Class 8 models.

Rack and pinion steering consists of two components, the company says. The rack is a horizontal shaft with teeth, which intersects the pinion at a 90-degree angle. Turning the steering wheel turns the pinion, moving the rack to the left or right, thus steering the wheels. This provides more responsive steering while reducing the weight of the steering control system by 45 pounds (lbs.), the company says.

Another new option is a “no-idle” climate-control system for the company's Century Class S/T, Coronado and Columbia tractors.

According to the OEM, engines that will be offered on its 2007 Class 8 truck models are the Mercedes-Benz MBE4000 (350 to 450 horsepower (hp) at 1,250 to 1,650 lb.-feet (ft.) torque); the Detroit Diesel Series 60 (425 to 515 hp at 1,450 to 1,650 lb.-ft. of torque); the Caterpillar C13 (from 305 hp at 1,150 lb.-ft. to 470 hp at 1,750 lb.-ft.); and the Caterpillar C15 (from 435 hp at 1,550 lb.-ft. to 625 hp at 2,150 lb.-ft).

International Truck & Engine

International Truck & Engine Corp., Warrenville, Ill., is debuting its new ProStar Class 8 tractor family, which will replace the 9400 next year and the 9200 in 2008. The family was designed in part to help offset expected fuel economy losses due to the emissions control technology required for all new heavy trucks in 2007.

The aerodynamic changes contained in the ProStar design will improve fuel economy 4 percent to 4.5 percent compared to the OEM's previous tractor models, which will offset the 1 percent to 3 percent fuel economy loss that has been projected for 2007 trucks, the company says.

The new tractor will come in four model designations: the ProStar, the ProStar Premium, the ProStar Eagle and the ProStar Limited. All four will incorporate the same functionality in terms of chassis, axle, transmission and engine options but offer successively more luxurious interior and exterior trim packages, the company adds.

The OEM says it designed the ProStar line with four things in mind: uptime, driver comfort and ergonomics, serviceability, and improving fuel economy through aerodynamic changes.


For 2007, Kenworth Truck Co., Kirkland, Wash., is rolling out the T660, which will replace the T600. The T660 will feature engines that are compliant with EPA's 2007 regulations and will improve upon the aerodynamics of the T600, the company says.

The T660 grille is 5 percent larger to accommodate the increased airflow and cooling performance required by 2007 engines. The truck also features halogen projector low beams that provide 40 percent more light down the road than a sealed beam lamp and last three times longer, the company says. A high intensity discharge option provides 75 percent more light and lasts 11 times longer than sealed beams, the company adds.

Interior technology includes a multiplexed electrical instrumentation system and a GPS navigation system (standard with a Diamond cab interior and optional with a Splendor interior).

Mack Trucks

Allentown, Pa.-based Mack Trucks' new highway flagship is the Pinnacle, which is being joined by new versions of the Granite and Granite Axle Back vocational models.

The trucks will be available with two new diesel engines — the MP7 and MP8 — from the OEM's MackPower (MP) engine family. The 11-liter MP7 and the 13-liter MP8 will be offered in Maxidyne, Econodyne and MaxiCruise performance versions.

The MP7 comes in six horsepower ratings ranging from 325 to 405 hp, with torque ranging from 1,260 to 1,560 lb.-ft. The MP8 will offer ratings from 415 to 485 hp, with torque of 1,450 to 1,700 lb.-ft.

The Pinnacle highway truck is being offered in a 116-in. bumper-to-back-of-cab (BBC) day cab configuration, as well as 48-in. and 56-in. flat-top, 60-in. and 70-in. mid-rise, and 70-in. high-rise sleepers. Both the new Granite and Granite Axle Back models feature a 116-in. BBC dimension and are built on Mack's Cornerstone vocational chassis.


Peterbilt Motors Co., Denton, Texas, is rolling out six new trucks aimed at buyers of aerodynamic, traditional and vocational trucks. Two of the new models are the aerodynamically styled Model 384 and Model 387 day cab. The Model 387 day cab will come in both a medium-length and a long-length BBC.

According to the company, the Model 384 can be configured as a day cab or with the full range of detachable Peterbilt Unibilt sleepers. A mid-length truck, the Model 384 has a 116-in. BBC.

Also new are the traditionally styled Model 389 and Model 388. The trucks contain new high-grade aluminum headlamps that increase forward lighting by 226 percent to help reduce operator fatigue.

For vocational applications, the company has the new Model 367 and Model 365. According to the OEM, these trucks feature one-piece aluminum crown and stainless steel grilles to provide impact-resistant performance.

The Model 367 and Model 365 will be available in set-forward and setback front axle positions to comply with bridge law requirements.

Sterling Truck Corp.

Sterling Truck Corp., Willoughby, Ohio, has no major product announcements for its A-Line of Class 8 vocational and L-Line highway trucks, but reports making various enhancements to all models.

The changes include making cab air mounts standard equipment and making air conditioning a standard feature of the climate control system. In addition, stationary extreme outboard single right-hand vertical exhaust is now standard.

On all Sterling A-Line and L-Line models, the base level headliner will be upgraded by offering new panels with needle punch fabric to improve appearance and sound dampening, the company says.


Volvo Trucks North America, Greensboro, N.C., is adding two mid-roof Class 8 sleeper models: the VN 730 and the VT 830.

The company also says its line of 2007-compliant engines will replace its D-12 mainstay with the D-13 and add a smaller bore D-11 to complement its larger D-16, released just last year. Available in medium- (VNM) and long-hood (VNL) models, the D-11 will offer 325 to 405 hp, with torque ratings from 1,250 to 1,450 lb.-ft. The engine, which weighs 2,175 lbs., will be available in seven rating combinations. It's designed for P&D, LTL, regional distribution and weight-sensitive applications such as bulk tanker transport.

The D-13 will offer 335 to 485 hp, with torque levels ranging from 1,350 to 1,650 lb.-ft. Dry weight is 2,550 lb. It will be available in eight ratings for the VNM and VNL tractors, as well as for the VHD vocational truck and tractor.

The D-16 has been updated to meet EPA '07 standards. It will be available in seven ratings for VNL and VT tractors, ranging from 450 to 600 hp and torque from 1,650 to 2,050 lb.-ft. Dry weight is 3,070 lb.

Western Star Trucks

Western Star Trucks, Redford Township, Mich., is growing its Stratosphere walk-through sleeper line with three new models for 2007. The new additions are a 40-in. and a 54-in. sleeper aimed at vocational operators and an 82-in. “Ultra High” model.

To address EPA 2007-compliant engines, Western Star will update cooling packages and add new exhaust systems. However, no exterior modifications will be needed to the traditional hood and grille.

Waste Age Assistant Editor Deanna Hart compiled the trailer body, tires and refuse body portions of this article. Waste Age's sister publication, Fleet Owner, compiled the information on Class 8 truck models.

To submit product information, contact Deanna Hart, assistant editor, at: [email protected]

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