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Female Garbage Truck Driver Thrives in Her Role

Diana Newell loves her job and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Diana Newell often gets some weird looks at work, driving a garbage truck for Constable Sanitation in Lee’s Summit, Calif., but she says she loves what she does. One of two female waste truck drivers in the company, she’s challenging an overwhelmingly male-dominated position.

Newell says she worked in an office once, but she felt completely out of place. She says she loves the outdoors and she loves driving a waste truck.

KCRA has more information:

Sanitation isn't the first occupational field one might imagine a woman working in, but for Dianna Newell, it's a dream job.

When she drives up in her garbage truck, Newell gets a few stares, but members of her community support her challenge of traditional gender roles.

Read the full story here.

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