GreenTechnologies, LLC Announces Formation of New Subsidiary: GreenEdge Renewables, LLC

September 5, 2023

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- With passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, infrastructure to responsibly manage organic waste – including anaerobic digestion infrastructure – is being increasingly funded and growing nationwide. The use of anaerobic digestion to convert organic waste feedstocks to renewable natural gas is rapidly expanding as part of efforts to address climate change and other environmental concerns. Under current market conditions, the demand for renewable products has created a favorable market for investment in infrastructure.

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is a clean and sustainable energy source that is derived from organic waste materials such as agricultural residues, food waste, and other bio-based materials. GreenEdge Renewables will utilize state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion and biogas upgrading technologies to convert these waste materials into RNG, which can then be utilized as an environmentally friendly fuel for transportation, heating, and other applications.

Furthermore, GreenEdge Renewables will also focus on the production of GreenEdge® enhanced-efficiency fertilizer. This innovative fertilizer is created from nutrient-rich byproducts called digestate that are generated during the RNG production process. By transforming organic waste into a high-quality fertilizer, GreenEdge Renewables aims to advance circular agriculture through nutrient upcycling.

The launch of GreenEdge Renewables aligns perfectly with GreenTechnologies' overarching goal of driving positive change through advanced technologies and provides additional focus on new markets. By converging waste management, energy production, and agriculture, the company is poised to contribute to a circular economy where resources are optimized and waste is transformed into a resource.

About GreenTechnologies:
GreenTechnologies is a science and technology based organic fertilizer manufacturer renowned for its commitment to developing innovative and eco-friendly agricultural solutions. GreenEdge® is the company's patented line of enhanced-efficiency fertilizer. GreenEdge® fertilizer recycles nutrients from local sources to create high-quality and environmentally friendly products. With an unwavering dedication to research and development, GreenTechnologies is at the forefront of revolutionizing the global fertilizer industry. GreenEdge® products are USDA Certified Biobased.

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