Episode 26: How Bon Appetit Uses Tech to Tackle Food Waste

Stefanie Valentic, Editorial Director

July 22, 2021

With consumers and companies becoming more conscious about the issues surrounding food waste, dining establishments are beginning to take a look at their operations and make them more sustainable.

For Bon Appétit Management Company, facing food waste head on meant the right solution needed to be created internally. The company rose to the challenge of fighting food waste with the launch of Waste Not, an app which was implemented across its corporate campuses and college dining halls across 33 states.

A chef-centric system, the app was specifically designed to assist chefs and culinary teams to prevent waste. While it does track data, Waste Not does not only measure waste quantities but also works to identify the source of food waste. In-house waste experts and culinarians worked on the app along with an external development team.

Claire Cummings Bogle, waste programs manager at Bon Appétit Management Company, joins Editorial Director Stefanie Valentic on this week's Stef Talk Trash to discuss how the company developed new technology to assist chefs with detecting the main sources of food waste.

Stef Talks Trash is a weekly video series.View this and other episodes here.

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Stefanie Valentic

Editorial Director, Waste360

Stefanie Valentic is the editorial director of Waste360. She can be reached at [email protected].


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