Capturing Event Food Waste to Maximize Food Waste Prevention, Donation, and Diversion (WasteExpo 2021)

July 22, 2021

This panel will review how different departments within a stadium or large event spaces interact with food waste and how collaboration can improve waste prevention, donation, logistics, communication, and processing. The panel will also discuss how business initiatives are driving increased organic waste diversion and reuse in event management. Attendees will learn about innovations in food waste processing that repurpose waste into raw materials and how stadiums can ensure uncontaminated waste is delivered to these facilities.

Greg Lettieri, CEO, Recycle Track Systems

Brittany Price, Director of Sustainable Operations, MGM Resorts International
Matthew Jozwiak, Founder and Executive Director, Rethink Food
Shannon Bergstrom, Sustainability Brand Manager, Recycle Track Systems

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