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RTS’ New President, CTO to Focus on Growth, Technical Efficiency

RTS’ New President, CTO to Focus on Growth, Technical Efficiency

We recently sat down with Recycle Track Systems’ Allyn L. Shaw to discuss his new role and the future of technology in the waste and recycling industry.

From on-demand recycling removal to integrated waste management solutions, Recycle Track Systems (RTS) is a waste and recycling company that provides technology to companies and municipalities to track their waste diversion efforts. Recently, the New York-based company appointed Allyn L. Shaw as its new president and chief technology officer (CTO) to focus on growth, scale, operations and technological efficiency.

In this newly created role, Shaw will oversee the expansion of RTS’ technology platform and focus on enabling end-to-end technology and operations, including software, data management, mobility and communication technologies. Waste360 recently sat down with Shaw to discuss his new role at RTS and the future of technology in the waste and recycling industry.

Waste360: What is your career background in and out of the waste and recycling industry?

Allyn L. Shaw: Most recently, I was the chief operating officer of global information security at Bank of America (BOA). At BOA, I led all aspects of a $1 billion business operation—workforce, finance, strategy, risk and performance management across 14 countries. Over my 24-year career, I’ve led engineering, operation and architecture teams and have worked in the banking, technology and telecommunications industries. I am eager to utilize my experience to aid RTS in its mission and vision to manage waste more responsibly and protect our environment.

Waste360: Describe your role as president and CTO of RTS.

Allyn L. Shaw: As president and CTO of RTS, I will primarily focus on three areas:

  1. The expansion of RTS’ cutting-edge technology platform as we continue to grow to ensure we can scale while managing our costs.
  2. Continuing to mature our end-to-end business processes, improving our operational efficiency.
  3. Attracting the best talent in the industry, allowing RTS to continue as a leader of innovation in this space.

Waste360: How will you expand RTS’ innovative technology platform?

Allyn L. Shaw: I will expand RTS’ innovative technology platform through the lens of our customers and hauling partners. At RTS, we differentiate ourselves on exceptional service and innovative technology, allowing our customers and partners to engage in a frictionless way. From automated diversion reporting, so you know exactly how much waste you diverted from a landfill, to real-time pickup notification using geo-fencing technology, we tie it all together via a technology platform built to scale.

Waste360: How will you contribute to enabling end-to-end technology and operations at RTS?

Allyn L. Shaw: With a great deal of humility, empathy, creativity and innovation. I believe the best ideas come from your customers, employees and the market. My job is to facilitate spaces for people to be inspired and attract passionate talent with a commitment to this space. The key is always having good people around you and a relentless optimism to progress the world forward.

Waste360: What is the future of technology in the waste and recycling industry?

Allyn L. Shaw: Technology is a pretty broad term with many uses. For example, RTS sees technology playing a role in awareness and education. Regardless of the downstream technology or infrastructure, if we teach one another how to be sustainable and recycle responsibly in our places of work and at home, we can solve a significant part of the challenge we all currently face globally.

Waste360: What is your leadership style?

Allyn L. Shaw: That is probably a better question for my teammates. In all seriousness, I believe in inspirational leadership. If you hire top talent, they can execute the “what” and the “how.” The game changer is focusing on the “why.” Passion and commitment come from inspiration and purpose. Then, as a leader, you have to check the small things, have a vision and be demanding.

Waste360: How are you active in supporting professional growth?

Allyn L. Shaw: When you see good performance, you must reward it. Feedback is a gift, and we should give it in real time but also be open to receiving it. Lastly, I believe that coaching and sponsorship is key.

Waste360: What is your greatest accomplishment to date in your career?

Allyn L. Shaw: I would consider working with peers in the industry to champion for diversity, inclusion and workplace advocacy my greatest accomplishment. Talent is literally everywhere. If we can open the aperture far and wide, imagine what we can accomplish.

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