Truck and Body Report 2001

September 1, 2000

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Truck and Body Report 2001

the editors of Waste Age and Fleet Owner magazines

For the 21st year, Waste Age provides you with comprehensive, up-to-date information about the products most essential to your daily operation: trucks and bodies. Whether you are in the market for a new vehicle or simply sampling the menu, we offer the following to help you make an informed decision. Together with our sister publication, Fleet Owner magazine, we present our annual Truck and Body Report, designed as a desktop reference for 2001.

Refuse Truck Bodies Dempster Dempster Equipment, Toccoa, Ga., manufactures a full line of refuse bodies, including the Route King rear loader with 16-, 20-, 25- and 32-cubic-yard capacities. Route King features a swing-link packer design that can be equipped with various container-handling attachments such as a bar dumper, reaving cylinder, winch or cart dumper.

The company also manufactures the Route Chief, a mid-range rear loader with a sill height 611/42 inches below the chassis frame. Including many of the same options as the Route King, the Route Chief is available in 16-, 20- and 25-cubic-yard capacities.

In addition to rear loaders, Dempster manufactures a line of front loaders, including the XHD that features full-stroke compaction, push-button auto pack/mid pack capabilities and 33- and 38-cubic-yard capacities. Dempster's commercial front loader, the DM2, includes 8,000-pound arms and 111/42-inch forks. It is available in tilt-to-dump or full-eject configurations. With fully automatic arm and fork operation, and a low body height, Dempster's residential front loader (RFL) is designed to clear narrow streets, the company says.

Dempster also offers a line of recycling bodies, including the 6-compartment Recycle One with a side-load, over-the-top, non-compacting body; the compacting Recycle Pac II with single or dual side-loading troughs; and the vertically split RFL Recycler that can collect two recyclables.

Haul-All Haul-All Equipment Systems, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, manufactures the Twister, a one-person side loader that uses continuous compaction and a progressively reducing flight auger with no slides, guides or rails. According to the company, the Twister can achieve a permanent 10-to-1 reduction on plastic bottles and can collect up to 340 cubic yards of plastic bottles in a 34-cubic-yard body on a single-axle chassis. By twisting materials during compaction, the Twister also can destroy material memory, the company says.

The Twister allows a variety of collection options, including bagged curbside pickup, semi-automated cart and container pickup, and fully automated cart collection, the company says.

Heil The Formula 5000 high-compaction rear loader from Heil Environmental Industries Ltd., Chattanooga, Tenn., incorporates the DuraPack body shell with a welded subframe, concealed hydraulic tubes and a curved body sidewall made from a single sheet of steel. Featuring an 80-inch hopper, the Formula 5000 is available in 18- to 32-cubic-yard capacities and uses a link-arm packing mechanism with no rollers or slides.

Heil also manufactures a Formula 4000 mid-range rear loader with a seam-welded body and a high-tensile steel hopper and packing plate. The Formula 4000 is available in 11- to 25-cubic-yard sizes with an 84-inch narrow body width. The third in Heil's rear loader line, the DuraPack Big Bite for commercial collection features a one-piece steel body, a reinforced hopper lip and a sloped hopper floor. The Big Bite delivers 115,000 pounds of packing force, the company says.

Heil's front loaders include the DuraPack Half/Pack with a curved sidewall, John Deere cylinders, Heil's clamp-on arms and on-board diagnostics. The Half/Pack is available in 35- and 40-cubic-yard models with dump or eject capabilities. Also included in Heil's DuraPack Half/Pack line are the Southern California (SC) and West Coast (WC) front loaders. Designed for areas where weight restrictions are a consideration, these front loaders feature lower overall profiles, sump clean-out doors and in-cab control centers, the company says.

Heil's automated collection vehicles include the Rapid Rail with an 8-foot reach and a dual-side continuous packing plate; the DuraPack DPF 7000 one-man collection system with a 72-inch-reach lift assembly for carts up to 2,000 pounds; the DuraPack Rapid Rail that combines an 8-foot reach with a single-piece steel body; and Heil's newest Starr System that places the lift assembly on a semi-tractor and places the body on a trailer for maneuvering.

Available with two-compartment compaction, Heil's R-2000 recycling body provides dual-side or single-side loading bins that empty into separate body compartments. The Formula 7000 Split Body collects two recyclables at once when used with a split cart.

The company also manufactures a line of side loaders, including the Retriever Satellite Side Loader for tight applications such as gated residential collection. Available in 6- and 10-cubic-yard models, the Retriever Satellite packs 600 pounds per yard to 900 pounds per yard, according to the company.

Chagnon The CRE loader from Chagnon International Group Ltd., Varennes, Quebec, Canada, incorporates hydraulics and features a sealed electrical system and a short hopper cycle, according to the company. The CRE also can transfer weight to the front axle for maximum loading, the company says. Other features include high-rubber-content seals, an automatic latch lock and a standard grease block that provides a central greasing area.

Fontaine Modification Fontaine Modification Co., Springfield, Ohio, offers the EZ-View right-hand standup cab for International brand Trucks. Among the EZ-View cab features are adjustable doors and locks, parts replacement with threaded fasteners, in-cab safety shaft covers and hinged rubber floor grating. An optional flip-down seat and several service and park brake control configurations also are available.

Impac The Sprinter from Impac, Norman, Okla., is an automated side loader that incorporates readily available components to facilitate maintenance, the company says. When equipped with Impac's optional Universal Mast, the Sprinter can pickup 60- to 400-gallon plastic containers and 111/42- to 4-cubic-yard steel containers without changing attachments, the company states. The Sprinter has a 42-cubic-yard compaction storage area with a horizontal payload ejection.

Impac's round-body type automated side loader includes many of the same features as the Sprinter. Made from 31/416-inch steel, this body includes a 20- to 33-cubic-yard compaction storage area.

Kann The CoCollector from Kann Manufacturing, Guttenberg, Iowa, is a 2- or 3-compartment front loader available in 23-, 31- and 35-cubic-yard capacities.

Kann also manufactures single-compartment side loaders with 23- to 35-cubic-yard capacities. Additionally, Kann offers rear- and side-dumping multi-compartment recycling bodies.

Labrie The Automizer automated side loader from Labrie Equipment Ltd., St. Nicholas, Quebec, Canada, includes functional hopper access doors, hydraulics designed to avoid overheating and the company's Cool Hand arm.

Labrie's other products include the Optimizer front loader, the Expert 2000 side loader, the split body 2000, the Cool Hand and Helping Hand hybrid automated side loaders, and a line of Top Select top-loading recycling bodies.

Leach The 2RII rear loader from Leach Co., Oshkosh, Wis., is designed for residential or commercial use. Available in several modified versions, the 2RII ranges in size from 20 cubic yards to 31 cubic yards, has a compaction rating of 1,000 pounds per yard and features a steel hopper bottom rated to 100,000 pounds per square inch (psi). According to the company, an optional tag axle can distribute weight evenly and accommodate different container handling systems.

Leach also manufactures the Vac/All catch basin/debris-collection machine, plus front loaders and automated side loaders such as the Curbtender.

Loadmaster Loadmaster Corp., Norway, Mich., introduces the EXCEL rear loader. With its 311/42-cubic-yard hopper and round body, the EXCEL is designed to produce 1,050 pounds per yard compaction and is tag axle-compatible, according to the company.

The company also manufactures its 400 Series high-compaction rear loaders and its 100 Series mid-compaction rear loaders. 100 Series rear loaders feature a curved, ribbed body, and hydraulic cylinders.

Lodal Lodal, Kingsford, Mich., offers four versions of its integrated side loader, including the 17XL standard compaction unit, the single axle Mag 20 high-compaction unit, and the tandem-axle 25- and 28-cubic-yard units. Available in manual, semi-automated and fully automated configurations, these units can be adapted to recycling and single-pass applications.

The company also manufactures an automated loader attachment with a new gripper, designed to pick up 30- to 100-gallon containers.

Manupac Manupac International, St-Anne de Bellevue, Quebec, Canada, manufactures a rear loader body designed to provide 1,000 pounds per yard compaction, according to the company. Small units range from 6 cubic yards to 12 cubic yards, and larger units range from 16 cubic yards to 32 cubic yards.

The company also offers front loader bodies with 34- to 40-cubic-yard capacities and roll-off systems from 16 feet long to 24 feet long.

McClain The RE-ZY residential front loader from McClain E-Z Pack, Southfield, Mich., allows the driver to cycle the container with one lever, according to the company. With two limit-switches to control the automated dump cycle, the RE-ZY is designed to facilitate maintenance, the company says.

Other McClain E-Z Pack products include front loaders, automated front loaders, rear loaders, side loaders, recyclers and roll-off hoists.

McNeilus McNeilus Companies, Dodge Center, Minn., introduces the Pacific Series West Coast front loader. Weighing less than 15,000 pounds, this front loader is equipped with the Air-Ware in-cab control system and has a 6,500- to 8,000-pound arm lift capacity.

Other McNeilus front loaders are available in sizes from 36 cubic yards to 45 cubic yards. They feature Aeroquip hoses and crimped fittings, one-piece wear shoes, a safety-interlocked side door, an adjustable joystick and an eight-point locking tailgate. Options include auxiliary axles, camera packages, a body service kit and scales.

McNeilus also offers a line of rear loaders, including the 10,000-pound Metro-Pak with a 20- to 22-second cycle time, the Standard with a compaction of 750 pounds per yard to 800 pounds per yard, the XC with an integrated cart tipper and the Tag Axle developed for heavy loads, the company says.

The company's 36-yard, manual side loader has a 111/42-cubic-yard hopper capacity and is designed for one-person operation. Incorporating McNeilus' ALLCAN Grabber, the AutoReach automated side loader features a 5-yard hopper, an arm that extends 9 feet, 5 inches, and in-cab controls.

Pak-Mor Available in 30-, 36- and 40-cubic-yard sizes, the FPE800 Pack/Eject front loader from Pak-Mor Manufacturing, San Antonio, Texas, incorporates one-piece, 8,000-pound capacity lift arms that can complete the lift cycle in approximately 16 seconds, the company says. Featuring in-cab controls, the FPE800 is fully automated and available in various weight configurations. Pak-Mor also manufactures a Pack/ Dump front loader for applications in which a full-eject front loader is not required.

In addition to its front loaders, Pak-Mor offers a line of side loaders and rear loaders to handle both manual and automated container applications.

Scranton The Mammoth front loader from Scranton Manufacturing Co. Inc., Scranton, Iowa, features an abrasion-resistant steel hopper, according to the company. Available in 34-cubic-yard and 40-cubic-yard models, the Mammoth includes an auto-pack, a rear vision camera, mid-body turn signals, back-up flood lights and dual clean-out doors.

The company also manufactures 6- to 25-yard rear loaders, 6- to 33-yard side loaders and 8- to 33-yard automated side loaders.

Shu-Pak Shu-Pak, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, manufactures side loaders for manual or semi-automated collection. Options include 14- or 18-inch-deep packers, capacities from 13 cubic yards to 39 cubic yards, and a split or unitized body and hopper.

The company also manufactures side loaders designed for co-collection and available in vertical split bodies with a single packer, horizontal split bodies with dual packers or three compartments with compaction.

Smart Truck Systems Smart Truck Systems, Moreno Valley, Calif., introduces the K-8000 automated side loader, scheduled to debut in October 2000.

The K-7000 front loader from Smart Truck Systems is made from high-tensile steel and features a tapered, cylindrical body that increases in circumference at the rear for compaction and load discharge. The new body also includes centralized hydraulic and electrical systems.

Universal Handling Universal Handling Equipment Co., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, announces its LM 2000, the latest in the company's line of front loaders. Other Universal Handling products include rear loaders, residential front loaders, roll-off bodies, lugger bodies, and open and compaction trailers.

Wayne Engineering Wayne Engineering Corp., Cedar Falls, Iowa, manufactures small refuse packers ranging from 6- to 16-cubic-yards. The company's Pup 6-yard manual side loader is designed for use in parks and recreation areas. Tomcat 6- and 10-yard side loaders are designed to maneuver within tight spaces.

Rear loaders include the Super Series 6- and 8-yard, 78-inch narrow width models with a low-loading height, and Royal GT 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-yard models with an automatic latching tailgate and choice of container-dumping devices.

Class 6-7 Trucks Bering Bering Truck Corp., Front Royal, Va., introduces its MD33 Class 7 truck in both single- and tandem-axle configurations, with a 33,000-pound (lb) gross vehicle weight (GVW). The company will add 5-speed automatic Allison 2400 Series transmissions to both its MD23 and MD26 models next year. Currently Bering's MD series trucks feature 6-cycle (cyl), 215-horsepower (hp) Cummins ISB engines; 6-speed manual transmissions; parabolic spring suspensions; and air-over-hydraulic antilock breaks system (ABS) all-drum, self-adjusting front and rear brakes.

Crane Carrier Crane Carrier Co., Tulsa, Okla., offers its Cab Over Engine (COE) series chassis in truck and tractor versions. The COE26 single rear axle chassis is available in GVWs from 34,000 lbs to 49,000 lbs. The company's COE40 tandem rear axle chassis starts at 56,000-lb GVW. An 11-inch formed single-rail, heat-treated "C" channel frame is standard in both models. According to the company, optional frame liners can increase resistive bending movement (RBM) and section modulus (SM) for heavier applications. Both diesel and natural gas engines are offered with ratings up to 350 hp and automatic transmissions.

Ford The Class 6 Super Duty 26,000-lb GVW F-650 and the Class 7 Super Duty 30,000- to 33,000-lb GVW F-750 from Ford, Dearborn, Mich., will remain unchanged in 2001. Ford will offer regular, extended and crew cabs for both models. Diesel engine choices for medium-duty Fords are the Cummins 5.9-liter ISB (175 hp, 190 hp or 195 hp), the Caterpillar 3126E (190 hp, 210 hp, 230 hp or 250 hp), or the Ford 7.3-liter Power Stroke (210 hp). Manual transmission choices include Eaton 5-, 6- and 7-speed models. Allison AT and MD torque converter automatics also are available.

Freightliner Freightliner Trucks', Portland, Ore., Class 6 and up medium duty line, including the Cargo FC70/FC80 low-cab-forward models and the Business Class FL60/FL70 trucks and tractors, will not change significantly in 2001.

Recently, Freightliner added its medium duty AirLiner air suspension system to all Business Class models. Air Liner is available in 10,000-, 12,000- and 15,000-lb capacities. Although AirLiner's standard ride height is 5.25 inches, the company offers a 3.5-inch ride height on 10,000-lb capacity units.

General Motors GMC and Chevrolet, Detroit, Mich., announce minor changes for the 2001 C-Series and low-cab-forward T-Series medium duty trucks.

This year, the standard engine for all C-Series trucks is the Vortec 8100 V8, rated at either 210 hp or 270 hp. An optional Caterpillar 3126B is available in seven ratings, ranging from 175 hp to 300 hp. Transmission choices include Eaton 5-, 6- and 7-speed manuals, as well as Allison electronically controlled automatics.

Hino In 2001, Hino Diesel Trucks, Orangeburg, N.Y., will offer a clutch-booster option, as well as a longer 244.9-inch wheelbase on its two 6-cyl SG trucks. Rated at 32,900-lb GVW, each SG chassis weighs 10,115 pounds to 10,370 pounds and includes Hino's J08C-TP 6-cyl diesel engine, rated at 200 hp for the SG3320 or 252 hp for the SG3325.

The 2001 FE2620, rated at 25,995-lb GVW, also is available with two new wheelbase options: 148 inches and 168 inches. While the company's FD weight rating has increased to 23,000-lb GVW, FD wheelbase options remain the same.

International In February of 2001, International Truck & Engine Corp., Chicago, will introduce a new medium duty product line called Next Generation Vehicles (NGV). According to the company, NGV trucks will reduce in-cab noise, improve interior ergonomics and increase engine power. Throughout 2001, NGV trucks will replace the company's existing 4700 and 4900 models

Isuzu Isuzu, Whittier, Calif., will change its F-Series line slightly in 2001. New features will include a steel ladder frame and an optional 28-foot body length. F-Series models include the FRR with GVWs ranging from 18,000 lbs to 19,500 lbs; the FSR with a GVW of 23,100 lbs; the FTR with GVWs of 25,950 lbs to 30,000 lbs; and the FVR with a GVW of 33,000 lbs. All F-Series models include 6-cyl, 7.8-liter diesel engines with 200 hp at 2,400 rpm. The FVR's 7.8-liter diesel engine has 230 hp at 2,400 revolutions per minute (rpm), the company says.

Kenworth Kenworth Truck Co., Kirkland, Wash., introduces the K300 medium duty cabover with a Class 6 or 7 rating. The K300 is available with wheelbases from 169 inches to 236 inches, and a power-train that includes the Cummins ISB engine, rated from 185 hp to 240 hp, matched with an Eaton Fuller 6-speed synchronized transmission. In summer 2001, Kenworth will offer a 6-speed Eaton Fuller AutoShiftCE or an Allison MD-series automatic.

Mack Mack Trucks, Allen-town, Pa., will not revise its medium duty Mid-Liner truck line significantly for 2001. Mid-Liners include the MS Series cabover, which can be specified with right-hand- or dual- steering configurations, and the CS Series conventional, which can be powered with either a 190-hp or a 220-hp, 6-cyl turbodiesel engine. Both models offer a range of automatic and manual transmission choices.

Mitsubishi Fuso Mitsubishi Fuso, Bridgeport, N.J., announces it will not change its medium duty chassis line significantly for 2001.

Powered by a 7.5-liter, 6-cyl Mitsubishi diesel engine producing 200 hp at 2,600 rpm, the FM-MR is rated at 25,995-lb GVW, which is just below the commercial driver's license threshold. With a payload capacity up to 15,000 lbs, the company's FK model is rated at 23,000-lb GVW.

Class 7 models for 2001 include the FM-HR (30,000-lb GVW), the FM-SR (32,900-lb GVWR) and the FM-SP (32,900-lb GVW).

The FK, FM-HR and FM-SR are powered by Mitsubishi's 200-hp, 6-cyl diesel engine. The FM-SP includes a 230-hp version of the same engine.

Peterbilt Peterbilt Motors Co., Denton, Texas, has added a new Class 6 truck to its medium duty line. The Model 330 features an all-aluminum cab, a Caterpillar 3126B engine with standard 210 hp and optional ratings from 175 hp to 300 hp, a Dana Spicer I80S front axle rated at 8,000 lbs, and a Dana Spicer 19060S rear axle rated at 18,000 lbs.

The company's Class 7 Model 330 now is available with an Eaton Fuller AutoShift transmission in 6-, 7- and 10-speed configurations, and with the new 4-door, extended cab. Interior changes include an ergonomic steering wheel with a tilt steering column.

Earlier this year, the company's new medium duty COE Model 270 went into production.

Sterling Sterling Truck Corp.'s, Willoughby, Ohio, new medium duty line includes the Acterra 6500 with a 26,000-lb GVW, the Acterra 7500 with a 33,000-lb GVW, and the Acterra 8500 with a 64,000-lb GVW. The 6500 is offered only as a single-axle truck, while the 7500 is available as a single-axle truck or tractor. The 8500 is available as a single- or tandem-axle truck or tractor.

Each Acterra measures 106 inches from the bumper to the back of the cab (BBC) and features a low cab height to accommodate vocational equipment, the company says. The Acterra line is powered by the Mercedes-Benz MBE900 diesel, in either 4-cyl/4.3-liter or 6-cyl/6.4-liter versions that produce 150 hp to 280 hp. Optional engines include the Cat 3126B (ratings from 175 hp to 300 hp), Cummins ISB (ratings from 175 hp to 275 hp), and Cummins ISC (ratings from 250 hp to 350 hp). Transmission choices include 5-, 6-, 7-, 9-, and 10-speed Eaton Fuller manual and Allison automatic transmissions. All Acterra models also include a setback front axle and a 50-degree wheel cut.

UD Trucks Medium duty trucks from UD Trucks, Irving, Texas, are designed to accommodate body lengths from 12 feet to 26 feet. This line includes the UD2300LP, rated at 23,000-lb GVW; the UD2300DH, rated at 23,000-lb GVW; the UD2600, rated at 25,995-lb GVW; and the UD3300, rated at 32,900-lb GVW. Powered by Nissan Diesel FE6TA turbocharged, in-line, 6-cyl, 225 hp diesel engines, these trucks include standard six-speed manual transmissions and optional Allison automatics. Except for the UD3300, all medium duty models are equipped with air-over-hydraulic braking systems. The UD3300 has a full-air braking system.

Western Star Western Star, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, announces that its Solar Series, which includes the 3742 SS and 3764 SS, will remain relatively unchanged for 2001.

The 3742 SS is the lighter of the two models, with a GVW range from 29,000 lbs to 41,000 lbs, a GCW limit of 64,000 lbs and a 4x2 axle configuration. Powered by a standard Caterpillar 3126B diesel with 210 hp to 300 hp, the 3742 offers wheelbase options of 223 inches, 245 inches and 259 inches.

The heavier 3764 SS, a twin rear axle model, offers wheelbase options of 176 inches and 194 inches, and GVW from 52,000 lbs to 66,000 lbs. This model is powered by a Caterpillar 3126B diesel rated from 250 hp to 300 hp.

Class 8 Bering New model 2001 trucks from Bering Truck Corp., Front Royal, Va., include the HDTT heavy duty tandem axle tractor, the HDST heavy duty single axle tractor and the HDSS heavy duty severe-service chassis.

The HDST, an 80,000-lb GVW tractor, will be equipped with a Caterpillar C-10, 305-hp engine, 10-speed Eaton manual FRO-11210B transmission, front taper-spring and rear leaf-spring suspension, and full-air ABS all-drum self-adjusting brakes.

The HDTT, an 80,000-lb GVW tandem tractor, will be equipped with a Caterpillar C-12 engine or a Cummins ISM engine rated at 380 hp, a 10-speed Eaton manual FRO-14210B transmission, taper-spring front- and leaf-spring rear suspensions, and full-air ABS all-drum self-adjusting brakes.

Features on the HDSS, a 65,000-lb twin-axle chassis, include a 380-hp Caterpillar C-12 or Cummins ISB engine, a 10-speed Eaton manual RTO 14908 LL transmission, front taper-spring and rear leaf-spring suspension, and full-air ABS self-adjusting all-drum brakes.

Crane Carrier Crane Carrier Co., Tulsa, Okla., has redesigned its Centurion low entry tilt-cab (LET) chassis. According to the company, the new model, LET2, includes a deeper interior, rounded front cab face, ergonomic dash with larger gauges and dash-mounted controls, increased air conditioning Btu output, and digitally linked instrumentation with daisy-chained wiring. The LET2 is available in single and tandem rear-axle configurations with 3- and 4-person crew cabs. The LET2 also includes left-hand steering, right-hand steering and dual steering. Diesel and natural gas engines are available with ratings up to 350 hp. Automatic transmissions also are available.

Crane's low cab forward (LCF) uses the LET2's cab shell. Created specifically for the refuse industry's automated side loaders and front loaders, the LCF includes left-hand steering, right-hand steering and dual steering. The LCF's radiator is located under the cab and in front of the engine, reducing the cab's BBC measurement to 84 inches with a 64-inch overhang. Diesel and natural gas engines are available with ratings up to 350 hp. Automatic transmissions also are available.

Freightliner Freightliner Trucks, Portland, Ore., announces three Class 8 chassis.

The newest in this line, the Condor, is a low-cab-forward truck designed for refuse, recycling and other specialized heavy duty LCF applications. The 68-inch-BBC truck will be offered in 4x2 and 6x4 configurations, and comes standard with Freightliner's TufTrac suspension. The Condor is available with a Cat 3126, C-10 and C-12, or Cummins ISM, ISC and ISL diesel engine with ratings up to 380 hp. Initially, the truck will be offered with a range of Allison automatics. Manual transmissions will be available in mid-2001.

New to Freightliner's Century Class is the S/T (Safety/Technology) model, which includes a driver's side airbag, a collapsible steering shaft, daytime running lights, a sloped windshield, LED marker lights, an Eaton Fuller AutoShift 10-speed transmission, an Eaton Fuller Solo XL self-adjusting clutch and the Eaton Vorad collision-warning system. The truck is available in 120-inch-BBC or 112-inch-BBC.

Also new to the Century Class is the Columbia, which includes a 120-inch-BBC setback axle unit.

Beginning in November, Freightliner will make the Mercedes-Benz MBE400 available in Century Class S/T and Columbia models. This 6-cyl, 12.8-liter diesel engine is rated from 350 hp to 400 hp,

International International offers the 5000i Severe Duty Series for refuse applications. The series includes a 120-inch BBC set-forward axle (SFA) 5900i; the 114-inch BBC 5500i; and the 114-inch BBC set-back axle 5600i.

The 5000i Series features a purpose-built 12" (30 cm) frame system; fully curved and sloped wraparound windshield; all aluminum cab and doors; a 40-degree wheel cut (maximum); dual power steering gears; and a choice of on/off highway suspensions including rubber, air or steel.

Kenworth Beginning in 2001, Kenworth Truck Co., Kirkland, Wash., will offer an onboard satellite navigation system for all of its on-highway conventional trucks. The Alpine DVD-based system is designed to provide verbal and visual directions to delivery points throughout the United States and parts of Canada. Features include a close-up mode to provide lane-specific information, global positioning system (GPS) self-adjusting clock, and address book for recording destinations.

Mack Mack Trucks Inc., Allentown, Pa., introduces its fully electronic dashboard that incorporates increased back-lighting for gauges, "12 o'clock" needle positioning and the Mack V.I.P. (Vehicle Information Profiler) electronic in-dash display to monitor fuel efficiency and other trip data.

The CH interior also includes the Performance driver's seat with adjustable support mechanisms and a wide cushion, the company says. For 2001, the CH includes a noise and vibration-reduction package, and an electronic HVAC system designed to improve air-flow in the cab, according to the company. Together with Eaton VORAD, Mack will offer the EVT-300 SmartCruise on Vision highway tractors. This active cruise-control system will slow down or speed up automatically to maintain a programmed following distance, the company says.

The company also will build an anniversary edition Vision Class 8 highway tractor with exterior trim, a wood-grain dash, Mack V.I.P. electronic driver display, Alcoa Diamond Edition wheels, Norcold refrigerators, LED marker and tail lights, and a three-year/350,000-mile warranty.

Peterbilt Peterbilt Motors Co., Denton, Texas, will offer its new Unibilt sleepers and ergonomically designed dash for Model 379. Unibilt sleepers feature a 42-inch bunk, two exterior baggage compartment doors, full-length wardrobe closets, a SkyVent, a refrigerator/freezer and an appliance center.

According to the company, premium-level sleepers are trimmed in Peterbilt's Can/Am Platinum interior and include increased insulation and padding to reduce cab/sleeper noise.

Sterling Together with its sister company Freightliner Trucks, Sterling Truck Corp., Willoughby, Ohio, will offer the Condor, a new Class 8 low-cab-forward (LCF) truck. According to the company, the 68-inch BBC Condor is designed for refuse, recycling and other specialized heavy-duty LCF applications, and will be offered in 4x2 and 6x4 configurations.

Freightliner's TufTrac six-road suspension is standard on the Condor, while liftable pusher/tag axles and a twin-steer front axle are optional. Front axle ratings range from 12,000 lbs to 20,000 lbs. Rear axle ratings range from 21,000 lbs to 70,000 lbs.

Available engines, in ratings up to 380 hp, include the Cat 3126, C-10 and C-12, as well as the Cummins ISM, ISC and ISL diesels. Initially, the Condor will be offered with a range of Allison automatics. Manual transmissions will be available in mid-2001. Meritor S-cam brakes are standard, and Meritor air discs optional. Rear suspension options include Freightliner's AirLiner, as well as units from Chalmers, Hendrickson, Neway and Ridewell.

According to the company, Condor's cab allows for 273-degree visibility. Other features include a low cab height, an instrument pod integral to the standard tilt/telescope steering wheel, standard electric windows and an HVAC system. Factory-installed air conditioning with a radiator-mounted condenser is optional.

Sterling says the all-aluminum cab roof is designed to withstand point loads of more than 300 lbs. The pump is located behind the front bumper to protect the front PTO pump and to eliminate the need for a frame or bumper extension, the company says.

Volvo Volvo Trucks North America Inc., Greensboro, N.C., will introduce a line of Class 8 on/off-highway vocational chassis available in 16 truck and tractor models ranging from 6x4- to 12x4 axle configurations. Designed to increase visibility, the VHD's cab features a sloping hood, a one-piece windshield and large side windows, according to the company. Diagnostic information can be downloaded from the VHD to an on-line "Virtual Technician" and viewed in real-time by a remote mechanic, the company says. The VN Series continues unchanged for the new model year. Volvo also has launched two new service programs including the cost per mile (CPM) program, which can be customized to fleet size and covers all maintenance on a truck at a predetermined, guaranteed cost, based on the number of miles the fleet expects to log. The Most Valuable Package (MVP) program targets small fleets and includes a free laptop computer and software, 2 cents per gallon fuel discounts and long-term fixed insurance rates.

Western Star Western Star, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, offers its 14,000-lb 4964 FXL Constellation model tractor equipped with a 62-inch Star Light Sle

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