June 24, 2020

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AMCS Mobile provides constant and up-to-date customer, route and vehicle information through the real-time exchange of data. With this, the AMCS in-cab mobile device provides actual route information to mitigate operational risk and prevent extra costs for missed collections. With AMCS Mobile, both the planners and customer service representatives have current information available to them which enables them to service customers better, more efficiently and at less cost. 

The mobile solution enables real-time connectivity with all drivers wherever they are. It provides constant oversight of waste collection services, real-time and dynamic adjustments to the drivers’ daily schedules, real-time capture of customer collection information and efficient, paperless management and tracking of the order management process. This creates a more dynamic, agile and productive operation. Besides the real-time handling and signing of orders, AMCS Mobile also provides features and functionality around container management, vehicle tracking, driver safety checks, time registration of vehicle personnel and mileage.  

With a digital solution, the days of handling lots of paper both in-cab and back at the office are over, leading to improved efficiency, increased productivity and cutting down administrative tasks for drivers, dispatchers and customer service representatives. Through real-time data exchange with the centralized enterprise management system, up-to-date information is constantly available, so you get complete visibility into your operations. 

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