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Wyandotte, Mich., Signs Six-Year, $8.2M contract with Waste Management of Michigan

The new contract will go into effect on February 1, 2018.

Continuing a professional relationship that has been in place for the last seven years, the city of Wyandotte, Mich., has signed a new six-year contract with Waste Management of Michigan, Inc.

The $8.2 million contract will provide residents of Wyandotte with weekly solid waste collection, but curbside recycling and yard waste collection won’t be included automatically. Residents wishing to have recycling or yard waste collected will have to subscribe through Waste Management or the Department of Public Services, respectively.

News-Herald has more information:

“This places the city in the best possible position for future solid waste services,” City Engineer Mark Kowalewski told the City Council when the matter was discussed and voted on at the council’s Jan. 22 meeting.

The contract is in the amount of $8.2 million and includes weekly collection of solid waste, with users utilizing their own containers, or leasing 96-gallon containers provided by the city. This alternative included contractors providing all bulk and special refuse collections.

Other bid items included dumpsters, cardboard dumpsters, operation of the recycling center, front-load dumpsters at specific locations in the central business district, providing dumpsters for the Street Art Fair and emergency collection.

Read the full story here.

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