FCC Awarded $6M Contract in Garland, Texas

FCC will recycle around 10,000 tonnes of the recyclable waste produced each year by Garland residents.

FCC, through its American subsidiary FCC Environmental Services, has been awarded a five-year $6 million contract for the transportation, treatment and commercialization services of recyclable waste from Garland, Texas.

Garland, home to 230,000 residents, is one of the main cities in the metropolitan region of Dallas-Fort Worth. FCC will recycle around 10,000 tonnes of the recyclable waste produced each year by Garland residents in its recently opened Dallas materials recycling facility. The contract is the sixth formalized by FCC in the U.S. over the last two years, the fourth in the state of Texas. To date, the backlog relating to said contracts stands at around $560 million.

The first contracts awarded in Texas related to the transportation of biosolid waste in the city of Houston, the construction and management of the new MRF at the McCommas Bluff Landfill facilities in south Dallas and to the treatment and commercialisation of all recyclable waste in University Park. Furthermore, FCC Environmental Services has recently been awarded two collection contracts in Polk County and Orange County in the state of Florida.

FCC has continued to grow internationally in recent years. In the United Kingdom, the company has commenced the construction of the Recycling and Energy Recovery Centre in Edinburgh and Midlothian, and also officially opened an energy-from-waste (EfW) plant in Buckinghamshire. At the end of last year, FCC secured several municipal waste collection contracts in Barrow-in-Furness borough council, Cumbria (United Kingdom), and in the city of Prostějov in the Czech Republic. In addition, FCC has been shortlisted for the tender for an EfW plant in Belgrade (Serbia).

Mexican businessman Carlos Slim became FCC’s largest shareholder at the end of 2014. He now owns a 61.1 percent stake. Bill Gates also holds a 5.7-percent stake in the group.

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