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UK Student’s Trash Collecting Inspires Creation of Cartoon Superhero

Twelve-year-old Nadia Sparkes has inspired a greater emphasis on environmentalism.

Nadia Sparkes, a 12-year-old student in Hellesdon, UK, was teased for picking up trash while walking to and from school, earning the nickname, “Trash Girl.” However, her efforts have inspired a Facebook group encouraging citizens to pick up litter along with a new superhero, Trash Girl.

Creative Nation, a production company in Harleston, UK, was inspired by Sparkes’ efforts to create the Trash Girl cartoon, hoping to circulate it in schools to teach young people about the importance of taking care of the environment.

Eastern Daily Press has more information:

Mrs Sparkes said: “Nadia has been a bit overwhelmed by it by it all, but she is happy that so many people are thinking like her.”

Since September 2017 Nadia has used the basket of her bike to pick up plastic and bring it home for recycling - so far collecting more than two recycling bin’s-worth of plastic.

Alex Jeffery, from Creative Nation, which is located near Harleston, said the story inspired the company to create the Trash Girl cartoon.

He said: “We think she is a super hero for putting the planet first, in the face of the bullies who chose to criticise rather than help her and get involved.

Read the full story here.

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