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Los Angeles BPW Approves RecycLA Facility Plan

LA city officials note this facility certification plan is the cornerstone of the entire RecycLA program.

After months of discussion, the Los Angeles Board of Public Works (BPW) approved a new facility certification plan for the RecycLA franchise system on October 29, Waste Dive reports. This gives the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation (LASAN) authority to conduct monthly inspections to assess safety, recycling and performance standards at any facility accepting material from RecycLA service providers.

One of the most notable aspects is a requirement for certain facilities to be fully enclosed, according to the report. The deadline for facilities taking putrescible material is the end of 2023. For those taking blue bin recyclables, deadline is the end of 2026. Design plans are due in 2021.

Waste Dive has more details:

As detailed by Waste Dive last week, LASAN considers this facility certification plan to be a cornerstone of the entire RecycLA program. City officials believe it will give them more ability to track diversion rates, manage working conditions and ensure the program is living up to its environmental justice goals.

While the conversion of more than 500 collection vehicles to clean fuel is a notable step in that direction, the fact that many of the facilities being used for this program are concentrated in a handful of neighborhoods is a persistent issue. Local residents from the Pacoima and Sun Valley areas have come to testify about health effects multiple times at BPW meetings this year and showed up again in numbers this week.

“This is something that we committed to our residents and our customers of the RecycLA program," said BPW Commissioner Heather Repenning during the meeting. "It’s important for me that people know this is happening and we’re moving it forward."

Read the full article here.

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