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City of Killeen, Texas, is Seeking Bids for Weekly Solid Waste Service

The city is looking for a private trash hauler for trash pickup and possible recycling.

The city of Killeen, Texas, released documents seeking bids for a private trash hauler to provide weekly trash pickup and potentially curbside recycling services. Proposals are due by March 16.

The city’s plan is to provide 96-gallon trash and recycling carts to residences to be picked up on a weekly basis. The city also asked bidders to outline a plan for hiring the Killeen Sanitation Department’s 87 employees, many of whom would otherwise likely lose employment due to the privatization.

The Killeen Daily Herald has more information:

In its “base plan,” the city is looking for contractors that will provide one-day-a-week residential pickup for a tiered cart size system with 32-, 64- and 96-gallon options. The contractor would be required to pay a 9 percent franchise fee to the city’s general fund as part of its agreement.

The city’s current solid waste enterprise pays that 9 percent franchise fee to the general fund.

The city’s first alternative would limit those options to only a 96-gallon cart with weekly pickups.

The notable addition, as outlined in the city’s second alternative to the base plan, is the return of curbside recycling, which the council voted to dissolve in August 2016.

Read the fully story here.

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