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Gary, Ind., Considering Recycling Facility for Demolition Debris

The city is looking for a way to recover materials from abandoned houses slated for demolition.

City officials in Gary, Ind., have expressed interest in opening a recycling facility for demolition debris. The city is in the process of demolishing approximately 6,000 abandoned houses in the area.

Opening the facility would mean changing an Indiana state law that prohibits landfills from operating within half a mile of homes in Lake County.

NBC Chicago has more information:

They're seeking a change to a state law that prohibits landfills from locating within a half-mile of Lake County homes. The Northwest Indiana Times reports Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson wrote to legislators that it could cost the cash-strapped city about $4,000 per house to dispose the debris in a traditional landfill.

Freeman-Wilson says the city will likely work with a private company for the recycling site.

The Rev. Marie Siroky of Gary's Trinity United Church of Christ objects to allowing the facility as close as 600 feet to residences, calling it "environmental racism."

Read the full story here.

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