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Compology Announces B Corp Certification

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SAN FRANCISCO — Compology, the leading sustainable waste metering company, today announced its certification as a B Corporation, a third-party accreditation that attests to the company’s dedication to social and environmental responsibility. 

With their new certification, Compology joins 4,000 certified B Corps throughout 74 nations that use business to support and promote social welfare and environmental sustainability. Notable B Corps also include Athleta, Patagonia, and Lemonade. The non-profit B Lab determines B Corp certification through a rigorous audit called a B Impact Assessment to measure a company’s social and environmental performance. A testament to Compology’s already stringent sustainability protocols, Compology’s passing score indicates it is meeting the highest standards in transparency, accountability and social impact.  

Leveraging technology, Compology is helping to moderzine recycling infrastructure through innovative AI-enabled waste metering technology. Compology’s waste metering technology measures and tracks waste production, allowing governments and corporations to efficiently plan waste pickups to reduce carbon emissions. In addition, its smart camera and AI-powered technology can identify contaminants in recycling streams ensuring they are removed prior to entering a recycling facility.

Compology’s B Corp Certification highlights not only the company’s efforts to promote social good internally, but also showcases the company’s mission to help other companies and cities meet their sustainability goals while driving cost-savings. In addition to the environmental benefits of waste metering, Compology helps companies and municipalities save an average of almost $2,000 in savings per year, per dumpster.

Compology is doing important work to help eliminate unnecessary carbon emissions,” said Pooja Dindigal of B Lab. “We’re thrilled Compology chose to certify as a B Corp so they can help lead the way in implementing common-sense sustainability measures and demonstrate that companies can do both good and well.”

“We are honored that our sustainability efforts have enabled us to join the ranks of B Corporations who are using business to not just drive value for shareholders but also employees, customers, society and the environment,” said Jason Gates, Chief Executive Officer of Compology. “The goals of sustainability and social good drive our business each day and with our technology, Compology enables other companies and governments to reduce their carbon impact without sacrificing their financial goals.”

In addition to its initial B Corp Certification, Compology is committed to continually improving its positive social impact and will recertify through the B Impact Assessment every three years to help direct its strategic growth.

About Compology:

As the leading provider of smart camera and artificial intelligence solutions in waste and transportation, Compology helps move the world’s raw material, finished goods and waste with the smallest footprint possible. Compology, a certified B Corporation headquartered in San Francisco, delivers unprecedented visibility to both the waste and trucking industries, serving some of the largest Fortune 500 companies, property management firms, waste hauling and trucking companies, waste brokers and services providers and cities and universities. Each industry uniquely applies Compology’s core data points—fullness, content, location and activity—to operate more efficiently and sustainably. Visit compology.com/b-corp/ for more information.

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