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Raze the Roof

Raze the Roof

garbagetruck.jpgIn case you hadn’t heard, it snows in Colorado — A LOT. And according to meteorologists, with an El Nino weather pattern in effect, Colorado is due to get even more snow than usual this winter. So how to convey the potential destructive force of all that snow when it accumulates on the roof of an average home? Why, throw a garbage truck up there, of course!

The Do It Yourself Network show “Disaster House” demonstrates the effects of various natural and manmade disasters that might befall a home and, subsequently, what it takes to repair that damage. To simulate how a heavy snowfall can collapse a pitched roof, the show’s producers used a crane to lower a 19-foot rear-loader onto an (presumably unoccupied) Englewood, Colo. home, with predictably spectacular results.

Good luck finding the clause in your homeowner’s policy that covers this particular eventuality.