The Heap

Passing the Torch (Trash?)

The Heap is sad to report the departure of Waste Age and editor Stephen Ursery following his decision to pursue his fortunes as a freelance writer. Ursery served on the staff of Waste Age for seven years, the last five as the publication's editor and guiding force. Steven Averett, the managing editor for Waste Age and, will step in to guide the publications.

Departing Waste Age editor Stephen Ursery (left) hands off the sacred trash can to managing editor Steven Averett."Deciding to chase a dream often is not an easy decision, and this instance is no exception," said Ursery in his farewell editorial. "That’s in large part because I have truly treasured the company of my co-workers here at Waste Age, and I have enjoyed the hell out of covering this industry. Over the years, people would sometimes giggle when I told them about my job, but I always figured the loss was theirs: I knew what an interesting and important industry this is."

Although Ursery's day-to-day contributions to Waste Age and will be sorely missed, he will continue to publish content with the magazine regularly as a contributing writer. Please join us in wishing him tremendous success in his future endeavors!

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