AI Tapped to Solve Waste on Earth and in Space

July 22, 2020

1 Min Read

Artificial intelligence, known as AI, is the marriage of different technologies designed to solve real-world problems. Four companies are using AI to answer problems related to waste management, space junk and food management.

Greyparrot is devoted to “using AI-powered computer vision software to increase transparency and automation in recycling.” The company highlights inefficiencies in sorting and waste facilities. Its technology “automatically identifies different types of waste, providing composition information and analytics to help facilities increase recycling rates.”

With 129 million pieces of debris hurtling around Earth, space junk is a worry for scientists. StartRocket is removing debris with a satellite called Foam Debris Catcher.

Approximately 1.3 billion of food is lost or wasted each year. Winnow Solutions uses AI to identify and weigh food waste in commercial kitchens. And Wasteless has created a dynamic pricing algorithm for perishable products and tracks an item’s price in real-time and adjusts it based on its expiration date.

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