Zerocycle Launches Resident Engagement Platform in Four Pilot Cities

Zerocycle, a company that provides software analytics for the waste and recycling industry, has rolled out its new Resident Engagement Platform in four pilot cities: Cincinnati, Buffalo, N.Y., Salt Lake City and Fremont, Calif. The platform is expected to change the industry’s current analytics and outreach practices by increasing recycling and reducing waste.

“We are very excited about being part of Zerocycle’s pilot program, which will be an integral part of our ‘34 and More Buffalo Recycles’ initiative that we launched in 2015,” said Mayor Byron W. Brown, City of Buffalo, in a press release. “This data analysis will allow the city to target the neighborhoods that need additional education on the city’s recycling programs and help us reach our diversion goal of 34 percent.”

Two years ago, Zerocycle was founded and the company launched Neighborhood Waste Report (NWR), which is a print report for residents that features maps, neighborhood rankings and other recycling insights. To gather and deliver this informative data, the company uses behavior science to track and drive behavior changes in the areas of waste, recycling and composting.

“Our goal is to engage with environmentally conscious local governments, and provide a breakthrough technology that will significantly assist them in achieving their recycling and diversion rate goals,” said Zerocycle CEO Hunter Hayes in a press release. “We know that the national recycling rate of about 34 percent has been flat over the last 4-5 years, as the effectiveness of educational-only campaigns have leveled off. That’s where Zerocycle separates itself from the pack.”

Later this year, Zerocycle will announce four additional “launch partners” to participate in the new program. 

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