Sustainability Talks

Pasadena’s Polytechnic School Motivated to Make a Change Around Sustainability

Eleven eight-graders at Pasadena’s Polytechnic School, a K-12 institution, are tackling sustainability. The students are separating and processing organic waste properly.

In April, the students created a sustainable composting system for the campus. Their goal was to turn all food scraps and gardening waste into compost to be spread across the campus.

Laura Fleming, the events coordinator at the school, led a zero-waste education pilot program for food waste initially before working on the pilot project for food and gardening waste.

This project cost approximately $1,500, with Peter Moon of O2 Compost donating the construction plans and aeration equipment. The team also collaborated with the California Institute of Technology and a consultant.

If the pilot project works as expected the school plans to add two more bins with an anticipated savings of $150,000 over ten years by not having to pay to have the waste removed.

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