Ohio EPA Proposes Rule Changes for C&D Landfills

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing rule changes for construction and demolition (C&D) debris landfills to protect against leachate release.

The proposed changes for existing C&D landfills focus on five areas: a five-year post-closure care period; post-closure care financial assurance provided by the facility; extension of post-closure care period if there are health or environmental impacts; a procedure to adjust final closure financial assurance with the issuing of an annual license; and monitor landfill leachate at the bottom of the landfill for an established list of contaminants, and if detected, monitor ground water for the detected contaminant.

The Ohio EPA conducted a leachate study and found that leachate from C&D debris landfills poses a threat to public health and the environment if released to ground water or surface water. Based on those results, a mandate from the Ohio legislature and public comments received on the draft rules issued earlier this year, the agency developed the current proposed rules, the EPA said in a news release.

The agency will hold a public hearing on the proposal Jan. 3.

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