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PSE&G Looks to Spend $275M on Solar Farms

New Jersey’s largest utility is looking to invest $275 million to build 10 solar projects, including on some landfills. If approved, the utility would triple the amount of solar power it produces from brownfields and landfills in New Jersey. has more:

Environmentalist and solar developers generally lauded the proposal, backing the idea of steering large solar projects away from open space and farmland. “It’s a great idea,’’ said Tom Wells, executive director of the New Jersey Nature Conservancy. “It is targeting lands already disturbed.’’

But others, like the Division of Rate Counsel, question whether ratepayers ought to bear those costs, allowing a regulated utility to recover its investment.

“Other companies are doing it through their unregulated entities -- as PSEG is doing in other states,’’ said Stefanie Brand, director of the division. “We still question whether the ratepayer should be paying for it all.’’

More than likely, the proposal will trigger a bigger debate about the direction of the solar program in the state, which has experienced boom-and-bust cycles. Some fear the sector could falter again in 2018 when state requirements governing how much solar needs to be installed drops dramatically.

Read the full story here.

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