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California Boy Starts Fundraiser for Injured Garbage Man

Thus far, 6-year-old Saxton Yuill has held two bake sales and has raised approximately $1,000 for the family of Steve Cunningham.

In Mill Valley, Calif., 6-year-old Saxton Yuill has created a special bond with his garbage man, Steve Cunningham of Mill Valley Refuse, over the past year. After learning that Cunningham was paralyzed from a vehicle accident, Saxton decided to start a fundraiser to help out his friend.

Thus far, Saxon has held two bake sales and has raised approximately $1,000 for the Cunningham family.

KTVU has more:

There is a special friendship between a young boy in Mill Valley and the garbage collector who comes by his home weekly. Recently, the garbage man was seriously injured after a vehicle accident and his family tells KTVU what the boy is doing is making a difference.

Steve Cunningham, the garbage collector worked at Mill Valley Refuse for 15 years until last month when an accident left him paralyzed. Now, a young friend he made along his route is trying to help.

Shortly before 6 a.m., Mill Valley Refuse rolls out its garbage collection trucks and they make their way into neighborhoods.

Read the full story here.

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