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Residents in DeKalb County, Ala., Express Frustration Over Piled-up Trash

Residents are complaining about missed pickups and no trash cans.

Residents in the town of Mentone, Ala., are growing frustrated with the trash collection services from EC Waste, the waste service provider for the area. Complaints include missed pickups and significant delays in receiving cans.

A spokesman from EC Waste explained that backed up deliveries are causing delays and that the company is working to resolve the complaints.

WHNT has more information:

Some say they aren't receiving cans and others are saying the trash isn't being picked up every Tuesday and garbage is piling up. "Summer is right around the corner and we're going to have flies and critters and all of that so it's just unhealthy."

We reached out to EC Waste and spoke with their supervisor Craig Brian. He says they're backed up on deliveries and working their way out of it.

They'll continue to work toward fixing the waste issues. In the meantime, if you are having a trash pick-up problem contact the DeKalb County Commission office.

Read the full story here.

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