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Few Residents are Participating in Alaska Waste’s New Curbside Recycling Program

Only 20 percent of residents are taking advantage of Alaska Waste's pilot curbside recycling program.

Last week, Alaska Waste launched a pilot curbside recycling program in the Cities of Anchorage and Eagle River. But, to the company’s surprise, only 20 percent of residents are taking advantage of the program.

In an effort to find out why residents aren’t enrolling in the program, the company will conduct interviews to receive feedback.

Alaska Dispatch News has more details:

Fewer than a quarter of all Alaska Waste customers in the municipality of Anchorage sign up for curbside recycling. Now the company wants to know why.

Last week, the utility started a pilot program targeting users who have curbside garbage pickup but not recycling. They'll offer free curbside recycling to the group for three months to see whether it encourages more people to enroll.

Read the full story here.

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