In an effort to protect the environment, James Harris, an autistic 18-year-old with a passion for recycling, is starting his own recycling program entitled James’ Neighborhood Recycling Service in Portland, Ore. This new program will provide residents with recycling services for the materials that the city doesn’t collect curbside, such as plastic bags, batteries and electronics.

Harris’ route will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and he will pick up the materials in his mother’s SUV. The cost to enroll in his services is only $12 a month.

KGW-TV has more details on this new recycling program

A new kind of recycling service popped up in Southwest Portland.

It's called James' Neighborhood Recycling Service.

James Harris is an 18-year-old who loves recycling, and wants to do his part to protect our environment.

So he, with the help of his mom Kathi Goldman, started a service that allows customers to recycle things the city doesn't allow you to recycle curbside, such as plastic bags, batteries and electronics.

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