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Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to Launch Recycling Initiative

The new recycling initiative aims to increase the state’s low recycling rate.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is gearing up to launch a new recycling initiative this fall, which aims to increase the state’s low recycling rate.

One of the biggest issues that the state faces with recycling is plastic bags. Many plastic bags aren’t accepted into curbside recycling programs, and many recycling centers don’t have the machinery to handle plastic bags.

In addition to the new recycling initiative, the state is implementing legislation aimed at changing how Michigan recycles. The legislation would require counties to keep track of what happens to different types of waste and to develop a plan to achieve the state’s 30 percent recycling goal.

WEMU has more:

Governor Rick Snyder plans to roll out a recycling initiative later this fall. And legislation aimed at changing how Michigan recycles is already in the works.

One goal of the initiative is to raise the state’s low recycling performance.

The initiative would like to divert solid waste that’s being sent to landfills to recycling centers said Executive Director of the Michigan Recycling Coalition, Kerrin O’Brien.

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