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Exemplar Research Group’s Predictive Behavior ProfileTM Increases Successful Hires, While Reducing Hidden Risks

Exemplar Research Group’s Predictive Behavior ProfileTM solution was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal article regarding the effective use of “big data” and personality tests to help companies increase the percent of superior employees hired, while reducing risks associated with potential claims and low performers.  For your convenience, to follow is initial information for your review.

Exemplar Research Group’s Predictive Behavior ProfileTM Increases Successful Hires, While Reducing Hidden Risks
Though hiring is a crucial business function, conventional methods most often fall short in finding the right person and making the right fit within an organization.  Depending on the hiring manager, the selection criteria can vary dramatically and, no longer, will hunches or going with your gut, ensure that you have hired the right person for the job.
Many companies are now leveraging predictive analytics for hiring new employees so that they can reduce the influence of a manager’s biases.  This approach is not just for large companies, either.  Richfield Management LLC, a Flint, Michigan, waste-disposal firm that employs 200 union garbage collectors, was interested in screening out applicants who were more likely to get hurt and abuse workers’ compensation claims, as well as reduce auto accidents.
Richfield knew that they needed a more effective and predictive hiring process, so they turned to Exemplar Research Group more than a year and a half ago, to help them implement Exemplar’s online testing solution.  Exemplar’s Predictive Behavior Profile
TM asks applicants to select between a series of statements and then rate how strongly they agree or disagree.  The goal is to determine an applicant’s emotional stability, work ethic and attitude toward drugs and alcohol.  Those who score poorly are considered high disability risks.  “Richfield’s workers’ comp claim costs have fallen 68% since it has used the test, and it now requires managers to use it to eliminate unsuitable applicants,” said Fred Vezzetti, Richfield GM.
Exemplar offers predictive behavior modeling and assessment testing to predict safety, job performance, driving behavior, workers’ comp claims and many other work related outcomes of job applicants.  “Our predictive modeling solution helps companies save time and money when searching for the right people.  It provides a greater understanding of how the person they may hire will likely perform over a long period of time and their likelihood for success on the job, as well as their positive or negative impact on the company.  ” said Matthew Yee, Exemplar Partner.
If additional information regarding this solution would be of value to you and/or your readers, our profile solution expert would be happy to speak with you.  Please feel free to contact me at 810.496.1170 or [email protected]

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