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University of California to Eliminate Unnecessary Plastics by 2030


The University of California will begin to phase out single-use plastics, which includes plastic bags in retail and dining locations and single-use plastic food service items and plastic bottles, with the goal of eliminating all unnecessary plastics by 2030. 

Worldwide, only 10% of plastic items are recycled. In addition, plastic releases toxic chemicals into food and water supplies when it is breaking down.  

The University of California has had zero waste goals in place since 2008, however, UC San Diego has had problems complying due to competition for space, staff turnover and a lack of regional infrastructure. The University of California policy allows its different campuses to decide how to comply with the new regulations.

The California government is also reducing single-use plastics across the state. Two bills were passed in November 2020 that will ban the use of single-use plastics and polystyrene. 

Read the complete story here.

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