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Genarex bioplastics

Meridian Waste Solutions' Attis Innovations Partners with Genarex to Produce Bioplastics

The two companies are joining forces to offer bio-based, affordable products.

Attis Innovations, a subsidiary of Meridian Waste Solutions, Inc., has partnered with Genarex FD LLC to develop a range of bioadditives for plastics. The two companies will develop these products from corn ethanol byproducts.

“Partnering with Genarex allows us to tap into its seven-year history of process and product development and pre-existing commercial scale pilot capabilities to accelerate the commercialization of our lignin products,” said Jeff Cosman, CEO of Meridian, in a statement. “We see the established infrastructure and coproduct volumes of the corn ethanol industry as a strategic target for our developing ecosystem of value-added biorefining technologies. We’re excited to work with the Genarex team to build shareholder value for both companies as we continue to evolve from traditional waste management to byproduct conversion and refining.”

The two companies will combine the materials extracted through Genarex’s technology with the lignin produced by Attis to develop a variety of products for the plastics market.

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