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Environmental Protection Fund Provides N.Y. with $3M Grant for E-Waste Recycling

The Environmental Protection Fund has awarded the State of New York with $3 million in grant money for E-waste recycling. The grant money is part of the state’s 2017 budget, which allots $300 million in the Environmental Protection Fund.

This grant is expected to help municipalities save on “recent” and “unexpected” costs that come with collecting and recycling e-waste items, such as computers, keyboards, televisions and small electronic equipment.

The Long Island Business News has more information on this grant:

New York has $3 million in grant money available from the Environmental Protection Fund for electronic waste recycling.

The money, which comes out of the state’s 2017 budget that allots $300 million in the Environmental Protection Fund, will help municipalities with what state officials are calling “recent” and “unexpected” costs associated with collecting and recycling computers, keyboards, televisions, small electronic equipment and other electronic items so that they are disposed of in way that’s environmentally responsible.

Since January 2015, New York consumers have been required to recycle e-waste so that contaminants do not seep into the groundwater.

Read the full story here.

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