American Airlines Launches Wine Cork Recycling Program

American Airlines’ Admirals Club locations have begun recycling wine corks. According to a company press release, the airline “has partnered with ReCORK America and Sodexo to begin an environment-friendly recycling program to reduce the number of wine corks that end up in landfills.”

“This new initiative, offered in every domestic Admirals Club lounge plus the San Juan location, will recycle natural wine corks — those made from cork material — used by the clubs or brought into the clubs by customers, by donating them to ReCORK America,” the press release adds. “In turn, ReCORK America will send them to manufacturers that can turn them into items such as shoe soles or flooring.”

“We are pleased to work with ReCORK America to recycle and reuse products that would normally be thrown away,” said Nancy Knipp, president of the airline’s Admirals Club division, in the release. “Even small items such as wine corks, when recycled, can make a big difference to our environment.”