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Rotterdam Architects to Build House Made Entirely from Waste

Rotterdam Architects to Build House Made Entirely from Waste

Rotterdam architects Nina Aalbers and Ferry in ‘t Veld are building their first house together, which will be made entirely out of waste. The couple will purchase WasteBasedBricks from Dutch startup StoneCycling, which creates bricks from old construction waste.

In the European Union, construction waste makes up one-third of all waste generated, and StoneCycling is trying to reduce that waste total by finding new uses for construction waste.

The couple’s home is currently undergoing construction and is slated to be move-in ready by August.

The Guardian has more on this unique home:

Rotterdam, the Dutch city home to more than 600,000 people and hundreds of high-rise buildings, can feel pretty dense. But hop on a bike and cycle around the city centre and you can still discover empty plots of land.

This is how a young couple, Nina Aalbers and her boyfriend Ferry in ‘t Veld, architecture graduates of the Technical University of Delft, found the perfect place to build their first house together. The twist? They’re building it from waste.

Their four-storey home will be made from bricks that started out as an experiment in a laboratory in Limburg – a southern province in the Netherlands. It’s here where Tom van Soest, co-founder of circular economy startup StoneCycling, spends his time concocting new recipes and cooking up WasteBasedBricks.

Read the full story here.

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