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Trash Heap

Article-Trash Heap

DURING A MT. EVEREST EXPEDITION this year, a team of climbers felt a bit weighed down — by their accumulating garbage, that is. Scaling the 29,035-foot summit is a challenge in itself — finding a hauler to cleanup the route generally is not a priority. But rather than powder the pristine summit with food containers and other litter as they scaled the mountain, eco-minded adventurers at base-camp, including an American team, pitched in and paid a Tibetan crew to help take their trash down the mountain each week.

With their lighter packs and conscience, father and son John and Jess Roskelley of Spokane, Wash., were among those who successfully reached the top.

Everest has claimed many climbers in its crevasses, but thanks to environmentally conscious mountaineers, it won't also have to claim the discards from each endeavor.

Source: www.GeneratiosOnEverest.com