Safety system

Preco Electronics

The PreView from Preco Electronics, Boise, Idaho, is a radar-based blind spot safety system configurable for front-, side- and rear-loaders. Using an external sensor and in-cab display, the system uses pulsed radar technology, which detects moving and stationary objects around a vehicle's blind spots, to notify operators. The system is available as a field retro-fit or an OEM.


CW Mill Equipment

CW Mill Equipment, Sabetha, Kan., offers the Hogzilla TC-1564SE electric wood grinder. The 800-hp. grinder has a 46-in. diameter, 12-pin hammermill, which also features a 8 ¾-inch (in.) main shaft. The unit is stationary and mounted on a foundation with a 15-foot (ft.) tub constructed of ½-in. thick steel. Featuring a ¾-in. thick tub floor constructed of abrasion-resistant steel, the grinder also includes a 72-in. wide belly conveyor. Thrown object restraint and portability options also are available.

Trash buckets

Rockland Manufacturing

Rockland Manufacturing, Bedford, Pa., manufactures the TH Trash Handling bucket that includes slotted spillguards for operators to view loads and surroundings, the company says. The bucket's double-thick corner blocks are designed to withstand wear from concrete walls and floors. According to the company, its clipped corners also help to prevent the spillguard from snagging truck bodies, building columns and metal siding. Additional features include bolt-on skid shoes; large, replaceable cheek plates; and an alloy-steel construction.


Omega Piezo Technologies

Omega Piezo Technologies, State College, Pa., offers the Damage Alert System, which shuts down the grinder after sensing metal objects that enter the unit. The vibration-activated system can operate with up to two sensors and can be adjusted to control the size of objects that enter the grinder, the company says. The system's sensors and control box can be mounted anywhere on the grinder using magnets.


Bandit Industries

Bandit Industries, Remus, Mich., introduces the Model 1890XP brush chipper for handling large diameter and limby materials. The compact chipper features a 12,000 lb. single axle and an 18-in. capacity. Powered by an 180-hp. engine, the chipper weighs 9,600 lbs. and is 94-in wide when fully loaded. It is available with a power slot for air flow through the discharge and to allow chips in the housing to be released. A hydraulic winch and hydraulic lift cylinder are optional.

Vehicle lift

Rotary Lift

Rotary Lift, Madison, Ind., introduces its line of 14,000-lb. capacity, four-post general service and alignment lifts for light-duty vehicles. The lifts features long, one-piece runways for vehicles with up to 212 ½-in. wheelbases. The runways' non-skid surface is constructed of 5/16-in. thick steel. A wide yoke provides workers with additional workspace between the runways, the company says. The lift also includes rear slip plates for four-wheel alignments that are designed for vehicles with up to 158-in. wheelbases. The lifts include the Sentinel Lock system with a slack cable guide arm and adjustable latch arms that keep runways level at multiple locking positions. A filter/lubricator/regulator provides lubricated air for the lift and air-powered tools, the company says. Additional features include two 7,000-in. rolling jacks, stainless steel radius gauges and driver's side lift controls. A bolt-in alignment kit is optional.

Metal sorting system


The FinesSort system from Eriez, Erie, Pa., recovers metal from classified fines during scrap shredding operations. The system produces ferrous and non-ferrous metal products with its feeder, magnetic separator and eddy-current separator. It creates a uniform feed distribution across the width of the magnetic drum separator. The magnetic separator captures ferrous metals while non-ferrous metals are retrieved from the eddy-current separator. A second stage magnetic drum separator is optional.



PowerMaster, San Antonio, introduces the ReCyclone, a gyroscopic grinder that reduces waste sent to landfills by converting it into energy and recycling waste products. According to the company, the grinder is environmentally friendly and reduces the waste transported to landfills by half, and eliminates the need for fill dirt. It reduces bacteria and odors, and prevents animal vectors by removing nearly all the moisture in waste, the company says. The grinder also reduces landfill moisture and groundwater leaching. Operators can program the grinder to handle all types of waste and can make adjustments to accommodate any output size. It can convert waste in fuel pellets and grind up corn and corn stalks for ethanol. It is manufactured to recycle all types of trash from 20 microns to 12 in. With the ReCyclone, inorganic waste can be recycled or burned for electricity. Agricultural waste also can be recycled into compost material, organic fertilizer and daily cover, the company says. The unit also can recycle electronic waste by separating gold, platinum and other metals that are found in computer boards and chips, the company says.

Cart cleaner


Blast-N-Clean, Albuquerque, N.M., offers a cleaning system for automated waste containers. According to the company, the system cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes waste containers in less than 15 seconds using EPA-approved biodegradable fluids. The system is built on a hybrid washing truck that follows waste collection vehicles. Using a robotic arm, the truck lifts the container and places it into a washing chamber, turning it upside down to clean. The system is designed to reduce runoff from household washing, odors and other issues related to dirty waste containers, the company says.

Front loader

Heil Environmental

Heil Environmental, Chattanooga, Tenn., introduces its 20-cu.yd. Half/Pack front loader, which is mounted on a single-axle chassis with a tag axle. Featuring a 185-in. wheelbase, the front loader includes a 12-cu. yd. hopper, curved body, clamp-on arms and an interlaced subframe. Designed for use on manual, semi-automated and automated collection routes, it has a full-eject configuration. The unit's flat tailgate is available with a Shur-Lock hydraulic tailgate lock system, which allows the operator unlock the tailgate, release the load and lock the tailgate without leaving the cab.

Scale Image System

Advanced Weighing Systems

Advanced Weighing Systems, Chippewa Falls, Wis., offers the Image Capture Module, which captures and stores truck images in a database following a scale transaction. Driver, license plate and load images also can be stored and the system allows users to select up to two different image views for each transaction. The images can be viewed on a scale ticket or a transaction record.

Dust control

ES Systems

ES Systems, Costa Mesa, Calif., introduces Dustless for use on surfaces that are consistently disturbed such as construction and haul roads. Manufactured from clear, odorless, organic fluids, it also reduces health risks by eliminating air-born dust and reduces wear on equipment, the company says. Dustless does not evaporate and will not wash away in rainy conditions. In addition, it does not freeze in cold temperatures and maintains traction. According to the company, once the product is applied to the surface, it does not need to be watered. It is not harmful to humans, animals or plants.


Dust Control Technology

The DustBoss from Dust Control Technology, Peoria, Ill., is a fully automatic oscillating ducted fan that uses a high-pressure misting system to control dust and odors in a variety of work sites, including demolition, construction, composting and transfer stations. Using 30 spray nozzles, the unit creates a fine mist of 50 to 75 micron-sized water particles that attracts dust and directs it to the ground, the company says. The misting system also reduces ground saturation at the work site. According to the company, the unit can cover 5,500 to 21,000 square feet and can be operated by one person. It can be used with surfactant to increase dust particle binding and odor control chemicals. A filter system, dosing pump and explosion-proof motor are optional.

Jaw Crusher


Telsmith, Mequon, Wis., offers the Quarry-Trax Model TJ3258, a mobile, track-mounted jaw crushing plant. It is available with a large gape and a 58-in.-wide crushing chamber. Its hydraulic system includes a hydraulic adjustment to maintain crusher output; a hydraulic Tramp Iron Relief to protect the unit's components from damage; and a hydraulic chamber clearing, which allows the operator to quickly clear the crusher, the company says. By monitoring engine load, crusher load and feed bin level, the crusher feed can be maintained while the unit is in automatic mode. Operators can view settings on a on-board LCD monitor and make adjustments using push button controls. The unit also can be controlled from a safe distance using a handheld wireless remote. A hydraulic hammer, hopper extensions, a folding conveyor extension and magnet are optional.

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