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And the Law Won

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIF., RESIDENTS no longer have to hold their noses thanks to officials who shut down a so-called recycling center.

The community's numerous complaints about odor and noise paid off when the county closed the operation that reportedly contained 20-foot-high compost piles and a sea of old vehicles and tires.

According to the officials, code inspectors discovered that the business owner, Anthony Raynor, had not applied for proper facility permits. However, Raynor states that a code-enforcement official had excused him from obtaining the permits because they were not necessary for his particular location.

But the county commissioner says Raynor has a history of creating illegal dumping sites and once stuck a former landowner with a $40,000 cleanup bill.

For his latest deeds, Raynor is being fined $30,000. But this time, he's vowed to not leave his new landowner holding the bag.
Source: Yahoo! News