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Tennessee County to See Likely Rise in Tipping Fees

The tipping fees will apply to two classes of solid waste.

Dickson County, Tenn., is expected to increase tipping fees after Waste Management raised prices for the county to use its West Camden Sanitary Landfill.

Waste Management raised its contract price by more than $4 to $31.66 per ton.

The tipping fees will apply to two classes of solid waste: Class I, which is non-hazardous municipal-type solid wastes such as household wastes, approved special wastes, and commercial wastes; and Class II, which is non-hazardous industrial wastes and commercial wastes.

The Tennessean has more:

 “The majority of what this affects is your commercial industrial type waste,” said Solid Waste Director Jim Lunn. “When I haul your convenience center waste to the landfill, we don’t charge it.”

Lunn said he considers that part of the $10 monthly solid waste fee.

“Part of the importance in raising this (tipping) fee is that we don’t have to raise our sanitation fee. We can leave it alone,” Lunn said.

Currently, Dickson County charges $36.85 per ton for the Class I waste. Lunn has recommended that the commission approve an increase to $42.87 per ton.

Read the full story here.

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