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Washington Waste Management Truck Drivers Receive Training from Police to Recognize Crime

Police departments in the Washington cities of Seattle, Tukwila and Newcastle are training Waste Management truck drivers on how to spot and report crimes that may be happening in their local communities.

The Waste Watch program began in Seattle 12 years ago and has since been integrated into other communities across the country.

NWCN has more details on the Waste Watch program:

Three local police departments are training Waste Management truck drivers on how to recognize and report problems that may be happening in their communities.

Waste Management knows that their team is often in neighborhoods when most people are at work, and often in industrial parks or businesses when many are at home.

“These guys are amazing because they will notice a car door open or a light on in the house that’s normally not there. They’ll notice a broken window. We’ve seen lost children on the street that we pull over and call law enforcement for, so we’ve seen a lot of things out there that have a lot of good success stories,” Waste Management’s Lewis Carver said.

Read the full story here.

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