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Soon-to-be Waste Hauler in Seven California Cities Will Allow Residents to Recycle More

If you live in Sand City and have some old carpet to get rid of, or perhaps some polystyrene peanuts, for the first time ever you can put them in your recycling bin. Same goes for old shoes, bubble wrap and even small appliances.

GreenWaste Recovery, a San Jose-based recycling and waste diversion company, began its local rollout in Sand City April 1. By Aug. 1, it will be the new waste hauler in every Monterey Peninsula city except Monterey, which has its own hauler.

In some cities, residents will have the option to lower their bills by selecting smaller garbage carts, a greatly expanded list of recyclable items and a free cart for yard waste. (Each city has its own program and rate structure, according to GreenWaste spokeswoman Emily Finn.)

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