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Coca-Cola Introduces Easier to Recycle Plastic Bottle in Europe

The bottle’s “twist” design makes it easier for consumers to crush the bottle and dispose of it in recycling receptacles.

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has unveiled a new bottle that uses 32 percent less plastic than its previous design. Moreover, the bottle’s “twist” design makes it easier for consumers to crush the bottle and dispose of it in recycling receptacles.

The innovation from British designers was enabled following a $17.7 million investment at CCEP’s bottling facility in Morpeth, Northumberland. The bottle requires less energy to make, transport and recycle.

It also encourages consumers to recycle, featuring a new label with the wording ‘Recycle Me’ on the outside of the bottle and a prompt to ‘Peel Me Here!’ The reverse side features further information about the brand and the new lightweight bottle including the percentage of less plastic used vs the previous bottle and a ‘Recycle It!’ call to action image. To guide consumers on twisting their bottles for ease of recycling after use the plastic bottle features arrow contouring in two different directions as part of the design.

The new bottle is 100 percent recyclable.

Jane Buckley, Operations Director at Coca-Cola European Partners, Morpeth, said: “We’re very proud to be the official manufacturer of Abbey Well Spring Water and with the water sector continuing to grow, it’s more important than ever to minimise our environmental impact and encourage more recycling. This new innovation is a positive step towards our commitment of reducing the carbon footprint of the drink in your hand, and driving positive sustainable contribution to both the environment and society.”

Ian Lavery, MP for Wansbeck, said: “I’m delighted that Coca-Cola European Partners are planning on producing this innovative new environmentally-friendly bottle at Morpeth in my constituency. This had been made possible by the recent £14M investment in to the site and shows support for British soft drinks manufacturing.”

Linda Crichton, Head of Resource Management, WRAP, said: “This is another great innovation from Coke, reducing material usage whilst ensuring the bottle remains recyclable is really important for resource efficiency.  Reminding consumers that the bottles can be recycled is also really important.”

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